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Sunday Four-Wheel Drive Run to Steve's Loop, NV


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Took the Eight out for a ride Sunday and all systems worked flawless.   This is upper ledge Steve's Loop near Pyramid Lake, NV







Near the top are some interesting 'wind caves' to explore. Access trail has a short section with slick rock like bedrock, but it was sprinkled with ball bearing-like dirt and sure enough, i slid sideways about 4' enough to pinch seat covers.  compound winching was the fix along with a front dig thanks to the twin stick dana 300.  Whew!  





short video.  winching fun at the end




Jeff's classic Commando is a real trail beast.  The helper winch line was from Al Lockett, and for added leverage, went to top of the family roll cage.  i then made the hard left pull.  It is really steep there and video/photos do not convey the sense of oh my god sidehill action.  you can see how the uphill pulling helped level it all out.  Also having twin stick abilities really helped get the nose straight-- otherwise it just wanted to plow forward and gravity pulling into the deep abyss.

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Fun and very impressive!  Trust others will enjoy the video, thanks for posting it.  We're very fortunate to live in this area when it comes to anything outdoors and especially four-wheeling or dirt motorcycling...


Thanks much for sharing, delighted to hear that the Jeep CJ8 with 4.6L stroker inline six ran so well!  Great driving effort, too...Good to know when a winch makes more sense than white knuckles...That's why we own winches!



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