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4x4 and Single-Track Travel & Adventure Destinations!


  1. Places You Have Been...

    Many of us do more than just work on our Jeep 4WDs, 4x4 trucks, SUVs, dirt motorcycles and OHVs. The lure of travel drives this forum group. Share your latest—or earliest—accounts of off-pavement adventure!

  2. Places You Would Like to Travel!

    In this forum group, travelers and planners can share adventures and maps. Get advise for travel to remote outdoor and off-pavement venues, find out the current condition of routes and any special precautions needed. Find out about trail closures, necessary permits and onboard tools...Be better prepared for primitive and remote travel!

  3. Off-Pavement Travel Gear

    Discussion group for serious backcountry travelers. Share ideas about equipment, safety, camping, vehicle recovery and other survival issues. Learn what it takes to be prepared, maintain communication and travel safely.

  4. Equipping Your 4x4 for Overland Travel

    Those with an outdoor lifestyle know the kind of off-road equipment that works. This group discusses equipment needs for a 4x4 set up to safely travel remote backcountry. Members make recommendations and share their experiences with particular equipment.

  5. Health and Fitness for Four-Wheelers and Powersports Enthusiasts

    Hardcore four-wheeling, off-road motorsports, riding a dirt motorcycle and other robust outdoor activity have one thing in common: the need to be physically fit! In this forum discussion group, members share their physical training regimens and nutritional strategies for an active outdoor and off-road motorsports lifestyle!


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