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  1. -that's a fact and a better solution than using the old one. I like what you did to your vehicle. you're very resourceful indeed. Anyway, may I know what LED light bar you put on your ride?
  2. 4x4Freakie


  3. good to know you have already fixed this. do you have any photos to share?
  4. good looking ride you have there, Gene. what exhaust did you put on your ride? any additional mods you're planning for it?
  5. thanks for this review
  6. Anyone here tried Continental ProContact TX? any feedback? i've seen few trailhawk with those tires on
  7. Hi Moses. nice write up you got here. I agree, the filter should be inspected regularly and it needs to be replaced as soon as necessary.
  8. 4x4Freakie

    jk8 pick up

    nice looking JK you have there, Ian
  9. very detailed write up. thanks for sharing your insights with us
  10. So aside from owning a truck, I have this second hand 2007 Yamaha YFZ 450. I am planning to buy new set of wheels. any tire recommendations?