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  1. Moses Take a look at these HP & Tq numbers and you will see why I would just stay with the 304A if it is in good running condition. Kind of shocked me also.. These figures are from the CTS-2304 manual V-304A Brake H.P. (Max) @ RPM 193.1 @ 4400 Brake H.P. (Net) @ RPM 180 @ 4400 Torque (Max) Lb. Ft. @ RPM 272.5 @ 2800 Torque (Net) Lb. Ft. @ RPM 262 @ 2400-2600 V-345 Brake H.P. (Max) @ RPM 196.7 @ 4000 Brake H.P. (Net) @ RPM 168 @ 3800 (Yes I know this seems like it should be wrong, but it's not) Torque (Max) Lb. Ft. @ RPM 309 @ 2200-2400 Torque (Net) Lb. Ft. @ RPM 288
  2. Well here she is after living in a barn since 1985. All original and completely stock 1979 Terra with 69000 miles on her.. She had a few run in's with cows and trees, but all in all, nothing that my body guy cant fix.. Plus I have some good front fenders as well as rear quarters if it is too bad.. No rot in rockers or floor except one hole in the bed which can be fixed with a patch from another 79 bed.. Got the LST and may just keep her original since she has a 304, T-19 BW Close Ratio tranny, Dana 20 TC, 3.54 gears with rear Trac Lok.. Not much to gain by swapping the 345 &
  3. Well, things have progressed with the 1980 Scout, but not in a good way. Since I purchased the 80, I knew it had some rust areas, but the PO really did a good job with the bedliner and I missed a lot... But all is not lost, as I also purchased a 1979 Scout II Terra that has been in the barn since 1985 and it is pretty solid. I also had an opportunity to purchase a 1979 Traveler that had been used as a parts car for a 3 into 1 build. So now I have a 1980 Scout II, 1979 Terra and a 1979 Traveler (partial). After I removed all of the bedliner in and out of the 1980 and the
  4. Well, the first thing is get my heat gun & scraper out and get all the dang bed liner off the outside of the truck. Then just do some clean up and Rust-X the wheel wells where the PO put some bed liner for flares and it separated from the body, got stuffed with leaves and H2O and started a nice compost pile which made some very nice rust along all 4 wheel well lips..fortunately did not rust through.. that will follow the bed liner removal. Then find any rust and get a coat of Rust-X on it for the time being.. Next just get it clean!!! Gawd I hate it when folks let vehicles get filth
  5. I have two (2) of the Scout II FSM's that I use.. actual bound factory manuals... One is well worn and has many sticky bookmarks for specific items as I have owned a few Binders.. the other one is in pristine condition and shall not be fingered by me or anyone else.. I had to purchase both of these and they were not cheap, but not really what I would call expensive.. Cost of doing business with old iron in my way of thinking. I guarantee they have saved me more than I paid for them!! Plus I have many more manuals and books, including a complete Chevrolet Tri Five factory
  6. Hey Moses, great to be back on your site.. If I could just change my moniker to "Tejas", that would be generic enough for me and whatever other foolishness I may get involved with.. As an aside, a little history of the word Tejas: Tejas is the Spanish translation of the Caddo Indian word Taysha, which means "friend, ally or a greeting such as hello". After the Spanish changed it to Tejas, the Gringos further changed it to Texas.. The LST is still on the glove box door, but it has been wet and I am in the process of trying to salvage it. If I cannot, I will order a replacement
  7. Just a quick post to get restarted on Moses' great forum. I have redone a few Scouts and then lost my mind and bought a couple of Jeeps, but now after all that I am back in the Scout World.. Quite by accident I came across this pretty decent 1980 Scout II sitting at the curb of this house and there was a guy in the yard so I asked him if this was his Scout. He replied yes, so I asked if it could be My Scout.. after a short haggle, we agreed on a price so I went back the next day with dead presidents and took my new 1980 Scout to my shop.. All is right with the world now that I
  8. Hi, Gene...A new Texas member has acquired a '74 Scout II with a property deal and wants to sell it.  I suggested he make contact through the forum messaging.  You may get his message, let me know about the Scout II!



  9. Hey Moses, Just thought I would drop you a note and update you on my vehicle adventures. I sold both Jeeps that I bought, 78 CJ7 & 06 LJ and have been spending time upgrading my 2009 6.2L Tahoe LTZ. This car is a blast to drive as it is very fast and handles extremely well. I have had this Tahoe for a few years, searched for about a year or more to find one with low mileage and the L9H 6.2L & 4WD. they only made 620 of them in 2009 and I found one with 35,000 miles on her. Well, since I sold the Jeeps (thank you God) (they were not that bad, but can not compare t
  10. Actually, baddriver I have several I am looking at. Plus in Texas if a person tries to interfere in in a horse/cattle/vehicle trade, we can legally shoot them...If you want to buy a Scout, I will find one and sell it to you. I have owned several and know where several more are.
  11. Moses, I have decided to sell my 2006 LJ, 48,000 original miles, and go back to an IH Scout. Is there any way to post the info on the LJ for sale on your forums? I really would like it to go to someone who would appreciate how nice it is and all the work done and add-on's I have purchased for it. I have already sold my 78 CJ7 & 1967 Chevy C10 (today) so I only need to sell the Jeep and then do ONE MORE DANG SCOUT!! This one will be the last since at my age that is all I have left but it will be a good one... I have located the potential vehicle, just have to finish the horse trading and
  12. Hey Moses, How you been doing?? I have been going insane.. Old Age & Senility is my story and I Am Sticking To It!!!!!!!!' Well, here is what I thought I had outgrown, but as said above, I guess it never goes away.. You know from previous posts that I bought a 2006 LJ while I still had the 78 CJ7. So I traded the CJ7 for a 1967 Chevy C10, Short Bed Fleetside with the Panaromic Window option thinking I would like to do a little RestoMod on this truck.. Well, I just sold the Chevy and am going to look at another Scout II this weekend.. Plus I still have the LJ..which I kinda like, but it
  13. There are two in the area I am going to look at next week or so.. One belongs to a friend and the other is just sitting in a driveway in the next neighborhood... I'm not really in a hurry, as I want to work on the CJ this winter and want to get the LJ sold.. if you know anyone looking for a nice LJ, this is an original 47K mile one owner Jeep. I know where there is a 1980 SD Scout.. 4zd7p-5329184953@sale.craigslist.org in Houston with a lot of spares.. kinda of interesting, but I am not a diesel fan.. worked on big cats when I worked offshore years ago and have owned several diesel truc
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