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  1. It's been a few months since I purchased my Highlander and I have a short term report to make. The vehicle is definitely capable in the snow. It would have been nice to have had more aggressive tires on it during the snow covered months. We got plenty of the cold white stuff this year and at one point I had to plow through a pile of snow left on the road by town road crews that were obviously having problems with the distribution of the fluffy white rain. I have to say that as much as the traction control \ 4wd helps to get you going I find that there is a tendency to lock out power in a
  2. We had a Jeep Liberty that literally fell apart in the 2 years that we owned it. I wish I had stripped off the plastic kick plate (?) when we first got the thing. Here in North Central Vermont the plastics totally wrecked the rocker panels and made our Liberty a junkyard ornament. So now we have a 2004 Toyota Highlander. It came from a warmer Southern climate and was well cared for. It is a Limited version and has all the goodies including heated seats and a sun/moon roof. All we wanted was a good car with a clean body that wasn't about to die. I'm still learning about the Highlander so
  3. Almost a year later..... It's interesting to see old posts and think about all the time that got wasted by people trying to mass with your life for no other reason than they are petty little people with delusions of grandeur. I've been so busy I haven't even been able to make use of this wood, but there is always this year. Fishing, and work? Can they coincide? Don't ever let them get you down.
  4. Thanks for your help Moses. I find that it is impossible to determine the price of anything as a seller because everyone likes to take the lowest price paid for anything and apply it to newer or decent items. Now, I will take a low price that was paid, look at the item on it's own merits and try to negotiate a reasonable price. Only a few times have I looked at something so abysmal that it should have gone to the trash bin, but those are rare and the one time I have seen those items I told the owner and then let him offer to sell them for parts. Since the items were old, modified CBs I didn't
  5. I was wondering if anyone could give me a conservative estimate of what a running, driving, and rusted out 2005 Jeep Liberty is worth parted out? I've been told not even to expect "Wholesale" price because it's uninspectable, that's here in Vermont though, so I don't have a clue what it could be worth in an area where the value is not in a driver, but parts car. Good engine, transmission, transfer case, etc... The "Salvage Yards" are paying scrap prices for vehicles no matter the condition these days, and $150.00 isn't going to get it when the engine alone is worth more than that.Prices i
  6. I didn't mean to bash anyone's choice of vehicles, but I haven't owned a domestic Chrysler that didn't treat me badly. I have owned a few, and the best were those that didn't have American roots. Even those ran afoul of rust or time. I used to have a Jeep Cherokee 4 cylinder, I think it was an 85? (Always thought it was under powered, and no 4x4 goodies in early 90s for it.) I still have a new bumper, bumper hangers, and headlight rings for it. I haven't owned it for 22 years, but I haven't sold those parts yet. I've had a Plymouth Colt, a Plymouth Arrow pickup, a Plymouth Sundance (Junk,
  7. Found a junk yard fix to the seatbelt alarm issue. Grabbed a belt buckle clasp and modified it to fit. No noise, and belts are still 100% safe. Too bad that didn't stop the need for complete brake work with e-brake rebuild, steering rack, new muffler and final exhaust pipe replacement. (Muffler was good except for the part leading to the rusted off pipe.Couldn't be saved economically.) I'm sure there is something else major I'm forgetting. The most recent "repair" was a new transmission mount and U-joint. If it weren't for the fact that it's the only inspected and running vehicle at our d
  8. You'll do plenty of reading and research to get a project in shape. Here's the Shop Manual now. I hope you'll check out Faxon Auto Literature http://www.faxonautolit.com if you need to find a quality reproduction shop manual for your vehicle. More to follow.....
  9. alheim, I think you may be a little more concerned with the intimacy of who works on your Jeep. We can all relate, especially those who have worked so hard for our dreams to come true and those still hoping for their dreams to come true. If you want to learn how to pick the right mechanics I suggest you stick to certified shops with certified mechanics and then talk to some of the mechanics to see how much they understand and if they do their own project cars. For some mechanics it's a job and for others it's an extension of who they are. Look for the ones who are proud to show off their
  10. Oh yeah, if you're a bolt head that wants to go out of shape and make me mad, just watch out or I'll turn you into this: As the expert Doug Marcaida on Forged in Fire likes to say, "It will cut!". Well, this is what my little torch will do. I left the hole in the steel beneath it perfectly round and untouched. I told you I have had some experience with a torch.
  11. OK, so, I got some better pictures, found some more rust. Yeah, like that wasn't going to happen and I got some free stuff that will help in the future and just make the Jeep a little more interesting. First some daylight pictures of the Jeep without the plow hydraulics in place. A "what if" picture of a possible future look. Thanks to the plow hardware still being on the Jeep there were some holes to fool around with. Now, for one of the things I found in a FREE listing on Craig's List. This is a Jerry Can that just happens to match the color of my Jeep. (Well
  12. OK, so there is no place to discuss other tools generally, and Pnuematics in particular. I went ahead with the purchase of the older compressor with the questionable tank and the extra "new" tank to go with it for $200.00 the picture from original owner is below. (I haven't had the chance to take it off of my truck yet to get my own pictures.) It turns out to be a 2 stage Kellogg-American built between 1910 and 1925 (http://kellogg-american.com/company/). I did get a picture of the makers plate, although it isn't very good. The owner had quite the time locating the tags on
  13. OK, so I made some headway on the Jeep today. I really don't like plows on Jeeps and since the plow hardware was coming off to do all the work I need to do, I got the hydraulics off it today, and really looked over the rest of the Jeep seeing where all the weaknesses are. It's amazing how much you miss or don't want to think about when you pay a small price for a vehicle. Is there more work than I expected a few days ago? Of course there is. But take a look at what I've uncovered so far and what would you do with a nearly unmolested classic like this. BEFORE AFTER I wa
  14. I have found a rather adequate sized commercial style compressor that has a leak in the tank. I don't know the make or model. I have the owner looking for more information. Here's his picture. The Sear Craftsman tank comes with it. If the original tank can be welded, and I know a great person for the job, could I use the extra tank for an expansion tank? I would really hate to try to stick the old compressor on the new tank. The asking price for everything is $200.00 Thanks Moses. More Jeep CJ - 7 content coming soon.
  15. Moses, I know that the best air compressor that I can get is what I should aim for, but is there a smaller portable alternative that I could use for multiple purposes such as a source for a plasma cutter so that I can afford a plasma cutter like the one you directed me to earlier? I'm not convinced that the plasma cutters with the built in compressors can really do the job and the prices of the Hobart units at Tractor Supply seem to have jumped significantly. Also, I think it would have to be able to supply a media blaster. Impossible, or just a matter of trying a little harder to find an
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