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  1. Hi Moses just thought i would add this link it has some very interesting info on jeeps down under https://www.cj3b.info/World/AustraliaHistory.html
  2. Hi Moses fortunately due to the age of this vehicle it is pre emissions regulations so it wont have to be tested for emissions our ADR's (australian design rules) cannot be retrospectively applied therefore it only has to meet rules that existed when it was first registered but the rule about the engine not being older than the chassis applies over here so most of what the engineer has to do is make sure the conversion was done in a correct safe manner im sure that there would be more involved were it a later model vehicle interesting info i hope that cummins are successful with there bid for compliance on that engine
  3. Hi Moses the bed came from a toyota land cruiser but as these were delivered as a cab chassis it would be made here in aus i would asume unsure of the weight at this point but i will have to get a weigh bridge certificate before i can rego it although it shouldnt be much more than stock as the engine / gearbox is only 30kgs more than the original according to my internet research didnt plan on putting a winch on it i figured at its age probably not a good idea to use it for extreme offroading i think ill treat it nice the engineer is an independent but approved by the licensing dept automotive engineer that has to inspect & test where necessary modified,imported,experimental,hotrods etc vehicle & supply a cert to say it meets the required standards to be road registered then it will still need to be inspected by an approved licensing inspector for general roadworthyness so theres a but of mucking about involved but itll get there cheers ian
  4. Hi Moses i got the tray on it today so now just have to get the engine swap signed off by an engineer then it can be inspected for rego & i still have to fit the mud guards to the tray ill take some better pics when its not raining cheers ian
  5. Hi Moses the mechanical side of this vehicle is good engine & gearbox are fine driveshafts are good the diffs seem ok so i'll find out as i put some miles on it
  6. Hi Moses weve got the windscreen in didnt manage to do a video for youtube but its in we had to cut the glass slightly smaller than original as we used laminated glass the original was tempered so we could not apply the same pressure on the glass as would have in the factory so now all i have to do is fit the tray on the back & get a weigh bridge certificate then the engineer can inspect it ready for rego
  7. Hi moses did a bit of suspension work today started at the front only to find out that the pin & bush for the pivot eye at the rear of the front leaves are not the size that is listed for this truck so i measured them & checked the sizes on Kaiser willys website it appears that i need the pins & bushes for the earlier mb,gpw cj2 3 5 etc so i moved to the rear & they all fitted nicely so im half way there just need to order a couple more pins & bushes i guess the aussie assembly plant didnt want to stock more parts than they had to as they would have already had the front spring assemblies for these diffs for the other models cheers ian
  8. yes i think it suits the general theme of the vehicle well & shouldnt show the dirt too much i canibalised a ford festiva for the sunvisors thats the first time ive ever made my own roof liner it took a bit of mucking about & making it up as i went along but im happy enough with the results, the head liner bows came from an old toyota hilux my brother killed & left in my dads paddock im glad of a bit of time off work to be able to get a few thing done cheers ian
  9. got a little bit of upholstery done today im still waiting for a new piece of glass so just getting a few other bits done
  10. Hi Moses thanks for that but that is exactly what we have tried the problem is that the Apillars are narrower than windshield so with a bit of messing about & unbolting the steering column i was able to get both ends in but while trying push the center out to the windshield frame i used a little too much force & now i have to cut a new piece but i think ive worked it i think ill make a video for youtube it might help others all the research ive done it just seems like its a pain in the but & some windshield guys refuse to touch them im kind of wishing i had gone with the 1 piece now but i want the 2 piece look cheers ian
  11. Hi Moses its been a while since ive had a chance to do any more but me & my son inlaw attempted to fit the windscreen this morning but it would not cooperate it is the 2 piece neither of us have done either a 2 piece or a willys before but we have done plenty of other vehicle without issue this all seems backwards the way the rubber is the glass has to be installed from the inside but this doesnt seem possible have you ever replaced a windscreen in 1 of these trucks cheers ian
  12. took the day off work today it was great painting weather & not having a spray booth i have to pick the right day & there are way too many bugs in the evening now once i can uncover the engine ill drive it out of the shed for some day light pics but im happy with it its not my best panel job but it is a 4wd cheers ian
  13. i should treat the old girl a bit better but it is a work ute after all id like to see a modern ute do this thats 2200kg on its back & it took it in its stride i used to have a 75 series land cruiser & it wouldnt of had a hope in sitting that level its tow bar would have nearly been touching the ground had i tried this with it cheers ian
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