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  1. Hi Moses I nearly bought a J20 & then this came along & these things are as rare as over here so I had to have it after seeing a fargo power wagon on an old movie & just thought it was the most awesome truck i had ever seen this 1 has been built from various trucks that had all seen better days but the old guy who had been restoring it had to give up due to age & health reasons but it is 95% done the body is done as is the mechanical & electrical it only needs the glass fitting & maybe paint the hood he was going to leave it due to good patina but im not sure it wo
  2. Hi Moses Sorry for the slow reply but ive been working away im glad you enjoyed his video this ausolo series is just what he does when hes not away working with australian 4wd action he is 1 of the presenters on that show where he is sponsored by isuzu & drives a d-max they tackle some pretty tough terrain at times they are also on youtube just look up 4wd action there are quite a few videos up loaded & quite amusing to Ive met Graham a couple of times now & hes as friendly & jovial in person as he is on film probably even funnier the FSJ aka Harry will be gett
  3. Hi Moses I thought i would add this link to this thread as this guy is well known aussie off roader & he has captured the holland track (which i did a while back )thought you might enjoy it cheers ian
  4. Hi Moses i have sand blasted some areas before welding the patches in with my small blaster but i am considering getting the whole tub professionally soda blasted once ive completed the rust repairs as it has 3 layers of paint on it & plenty of surface rust long term plans im not sure but ill be getting the cj6 out on the beaches this summer thats for sure & this cj5 my wife has claimed it so i guess itll be her little summer runabout the willys pick up has had its engineering inspection & im still waiting for the dept of transport to send me a letter confirming that i ca
  5. heres a few progress shots still a long way to go but at least ive made a start ive also got my wifes 1962 valiant to do at the same time so progress will be slow
  6. Hi Moses this is the cj5 that i'll put the shackle reverse kit into i'll have to take some pics of the progress & post them here work has been slow but ive had other projects as your aware as well as work responsibilities
  7. thanks for that info Moses the chassis on this 1 is fine but the cj5 im working on needs attention so the shackle reverse kit will resolve the problem with that just as easily as repairing it to original so ill go that route on the cj5 cheers ian
  8. Hi Moses it currently has a 258 but was originally a 232 & has the 3 speed & spicer20 transfer i had to replace some small sections of floor & where the floor is pinch welded to the sides i bought it from a guy who got it from the son of its long term owner who kept receipts for everything so it came with a big folder of receipts so it seems it was once much loved hence it great condition i thought the renegade stickers were a nice touch with the gold looking good with the tan interior its a bit too tall geared with the 33s on it but ill see how it goes ,ill have to
  9. & here are the progress shots & i put the renegade stickers on it tonight im pretty happy with it the paint is jaguar british racing green my brother inlaw gave me after i painted his car for him so now ive got everything sorted out ready to get it licensed ill just have to put smaller wheels on it for the inspection cheers ian
  10. Hi Moses i just couldnt resist this little beast it was in fairly good order just needed the floors & a cab mount repaired & some of the paint was peeling off but mechanically its good just had to replace the front shocks
  11. Hi Moses just thought i would add this link it has some very interesting info on jeeps down under https://www.cj3b.info/World/AustraliaHistory.html
  12. Hi Moses fortunately due to the age of this vehicle it is pre emissions regulations so it wont have to be tested for emissions our ADR's (australian design rules) cannot be retrospectively applied therefore it only has to meet rules that existed when it was first registered but the rule about the engine not being older than the chassis applies over here so most of what the engineer has to do is make sure the conversion was done in a correct safe manner im sure that there would be more involved were it a later model vehicle interesting info i hope that cummins are successfu
  13. Hi Moses the bed came from a toyota land cruiser but as these were delivered as a cab chassis it would be made here in aus i would asume unsure of the weight at this point but i will have to get a weigh bridge certificate before i can rego it although it shouldnt be much more than stock as the engine / gearbox is only 30kgs more than the original according to my internet research didnt plan on putting a winch on it i figured at its age probably not a good idea to use it for extreme offroading i think ill treat it nice the engineer is an independent but approved by the licensing
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