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  1. Hi Moses i do like the 6.2 like you say no world beater but a good work horse i had thought about a turbo but didnt get to serious as i didnt feel the spend was warranted as for fuel usage fully loaded for our holland tack trip i checked it on the way up there just for curiosity & it was getting 18 l/100km so that converted to 13mpg not so good now ive converted to mpg but we were heavy & had gear on the roofrack making more wind resistance & averaging 110kph (65mph) once we hit the track & were driving slowly it was only using about 20l per day it is generally better when not loaded up for daily running if i drive easy around 15l/100km still not great but its way better than the cj10 this engine was a HUMVEE engine in a previous life so its got a little more power & torque than the civilian version i did expect to notice a slight loss of power with the new pump but it seems the same but a bit better throttle response this is probably due to wear in the old pump cheers ian
  2. well thats all done & running like a clock nice easy job took a little while for the new pump to prime & i changed the fuel filter while i was at it it was clean but still a good habit to have if you look at the back of the block in the valley you can see the distributor blank off so it must be a multi purpose block i knew the bellhousing bolt pattern was sml block chev so i guess it is a sml block with different internals & heads etc cheers ian
  3. Hi Moses just got a new injector pump for Harry something went wrong with the governor so i just bought a new unit they are cheap enough $850 aud delivered figured it wasnt worth messing with the old 1 for that so thats todays job this replacement unit is a delphi instead of a stanadyne but as long as it work i dont care what brand it is ok i better go & get to it cheers ian
  4. great info thanks Moses ill be a bit time poor for the next couple of weeks but i plan on tidying up the few things that need doing so i can get it on west aus rego so i can drive it when these ross tl boxes fail do they break or just wear badly just curious because it will likely do a few long trips so reliability is big on my list of priorities as it already has fuel economy/range that will be suited to long trips also how durable is the dana 53 ive heard theyre not great but this vehicle wont be treated badly so im guessing it will be fine cheers ian
  5. Hi Moses here are some pics of the 1966 Aussie Willys 4WD Pickup steering box not sure of the brand but it sure needs some seals it all looks original i would not expect it to be a modification i would expect the seals to be same for rhd & i hope that most internal parts will interchange between left & right hand drive but apart from the leaks it seems ok i know there is a lot of play in the steering arm on the lower swivel hub bearing i will have to investigate this issue it may just be loose bolts cheers ian
  6. when trying to match up the '66 willys frame and body, I discovered a lack of frame numbers on these early aussie assembled jeeps i.e. my fsj, cj5 the 57 willys pickup & this 66 pickup my cj10 that was built in mexico has a frame number stamped in the chassis yes im glad its got the little diesel its great on fuel & they are a reliable & long lived engine not sure of the weight but it drives well doesnt feel too heavy on the nose but when i put a full size tray on the back it will balance the weight a bit more ill check out the steering to see what it is it does look to be the original setup though as for the amc engines offered here as far as i know we got the 232, 258 l6's & 304 & 360 v8's not sure if others were used i know the 401 came in the javelin also 60s cj6's came with the ford 6 from the corresponding year ford falcon the were called combat 6's i think it was part of the local content laws that was imposed on manufacturers in those days cheers, Ian
  7. I picked up this 1966 Willys 4WD Pickup. It has a good body and Toyota 3B diesel engine transplant. The truck has a mysterious 2-piece windshield, odd for that year. A closer look shows it was originally a one-piece, correct for 1966. The last U.S. Willys Pickup was 1964, they still made them in Australia after that point. Nice bumpers. I will likely put a Toyota bed on this truck. A better body than my 1957 Willys project. Will likely work on this one instead for now. Diesel engine is enough for this truck, drives well and get really good fuel mileage. Right hand drive with signs of being built at Australia. VIN says 1966 build. Below is a very interesting letter that describes how Willys made VIN numbers. This VIN code sheet is useful to older Willys-Jeep model identification. Here are the three VIN tags.
  8. ian cj10

    Four-Wheeling Australia's Holland Track

    Hi Moses Dennis just sent me some pics of the day it rained & we got diffed in a slippery hole & had to winch the ground anchor was a fail fortunately 1 of the small trees nearby was just strong enough cheers ian
  9. ian cj10

    Four-Wheeling Australia's Holland Track

    Thanks Moses im glad you like the photos you are right this is the reason for owning a 4wd & harry performed flawlessly didnt miss a beat if you & your family do get the itch to come see it for yourself let me know i'd love to show you around theres a lot to see around here you would have a great time cheers ian
  10. Hi Moses ive posted pics & little info on them in the places ive been section of the forum cheers ian
  11. ian cj10

    Four-Wheeling Australia's Holland Track

    last day home time now thats a sunrise on the road & stopped by a big warning sign at the end of the track to pump the tyres back up a few wild flowers along the way then when we passed the start of the holland track we thought we better get some photographic evidence so i backed harry in the track for some pics then headed for home & it rained so hard the car was almost clean when we got home & yes we had a great time & would do it again maybe when its a bit wetter next time hope you enjoy the pics if i get some from dennis that are good ill post them to cheers ian
  12. ian cj10

    Four-Wheeling Australia's Holland Track

    day 4 hearty breakfast of bacon&eggs not far down the track we came across these unusual wattles with white bark lining the track to form a tunnel effect then we got to cave hill a large rock with a dammed basin to collect water for the steam trains of old another good chance to play with the camera after leaving cave hill we found another track called mundale 4wd track didnt know that till we got to the other end & it had a sign it was a very interesting track we came across another perentie got a few good shots then was supprised to find some quandong trees with ripe quandongs (the australian aborigines ate these) usually the emus get them first then on past a few salt lakes befoinding camfor the night found a tree with some misseltoe growing out of it & found a big black pier wandering around our campsite
  13. ian cj10

    Four-Wheeling Australia's Holland Track

    day 3 no rush this morning had some thunderstorms over night so the swags had to dry out a bit before we could roll them up you can see water laying around on the rock then we drove up on the rocks for a look before heading off for the day heading to coolgardie for fish n chips & a beer then stopped at the lookout with an old mine head then headed south back into the bush on the woodlines track so called as it was an old rail line to carry timber to the gold mines to sure up the tunnels the day was quite wet we actually had to winch out of a bog hole dennis has these pics on his camera hope to get some from him before too long once again found a perfect campsite beside the track the rain was gone thankfully
  14. ian cj10

    Four-Wheeling Australia's Holland Track

    day 2 1st pic is me all loaded up ready to hit the track before long we came upon the mallee fowl nest believe it or not that big pile of gravel is a birds nest soon found some mud to play in some sections of this track are very deeply rutted as you can see by that pic of the dry hole there were many like this i think if we had done this trek a month earlier the degree of difficulty would have been tenfold as these holes would have been full of water we stopped for lunch & this little tata lizard got very inquisitive not for down the road & we came arcoss a larger perentie (goanna) thats my old mate dennis setting up camp just before some stormy looking clouds start to roll in
  15. day 1 the track starts just out of Hyden so we stopped in at the famous wave rock for a quick pic before hitting the track the orange flower is a grevillia a native shrub we collected some firewood & found suitable campsite so most of the day was just driving to the track on the black top