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  1. Hi Moses that door appears to have been painted with a cheap enamel spray can so it was probably the best outcome the primer im using is an etch primer it seems to be an acrylic lacquer & ill be painting it in a 2 pack urethane base coat clear coat system the paint shop assured me the primer is compatible with the paint i purchased so better the reaction is sorted out at the prime stage of the job the rest of the paint on the cab & other door seems to be acrylic lacquer also so im not expecting any more trouble it was only that 1 door that was painted with different paint & i believe it was the can of enamel spray paint that came with it cheers Ian
  2. Hi Moses got a bit done on the doors this weekend I had quite a bit of trouble with the right hand door the paint that was on it reacted to my primer so I had to strip it completely the other door wasnt a problem but there was a clear difference in the paint type & thankfully the paint on the cab looks to be the same as the left door so hopefully that will be ok if you look at the pics I posted earlier you can clearly see the difference on the rh door cheers Ian
  3. Hi Moses here are some images of the Aussie built inters the first 3 are ACCO's & the 2 long noses are the 1's that share there cab with the Aussie Dodge truck only real difference being the grille & engine options I think the scouts were imported they were quite thin on the ground unlike these local trucks which were everywhere once & still plenty on farms still today
  4. Hi Moses IH were certainly here in a big way there were some scouts but they were mainly producing trucks & some harvesters 1 of there most prolific truvks was the ACCO that stands for Australian Constructed Cab Over & was produced from the early 60's right through until they were badged as Iveco not sure if they still make them but you do see some modern versions on the road today there other popular truck was a long nose that shared the cab with Dodge this was made through the 60's & 70's they did also have earlier long nose trucks I havent had a chance to look at these closely but as chrysler were not manufacturing locally until 1962 I cant see as there would be any shared parts with Dodge on anything earlier than that cheers Ian
  5. Hi Moses, yes the axles are 1 piece on these model 20's I think the 4.2 will be adequate, my original idea was to transfer all my good bits from Harry into the better body but when I found out how original it was Ive decided to restore it to close to original as I can though I will change the color the pale yellow isnt for me & it needs a full repaint any way & because it is quieter & smoother & has air con it will be easier to get my wife to go on trips with me as she think Harry is too loud, too rough & has no air con & she says I always want to go on a trip when its hot I will be having a talk to a local sign writer to see if he can duplicate the plainsman vinyl decals ( I know theres no chance of finding new 1's) while they are still intact before I make a start on the panel & paint
  6. HI Moses yes I wish I had a better system but for now I use a mask that take filter canisters im sure its not 100% but better than nothing it is rated for paint fumes & I cant really smell much in the way of fumes when im wearing it but I will be upgrading at some stage
  7. HI Moses yes that black paint is great isnt it so glossy it looks wet its a 2 pack urathane enamel & the primer im using is a hi build etch primer I wet sand everything with 600 grit wet n dry to make sure its smooth before painting also I have a very good DeVilbis gun i treated myself to a few years back & it works very well its not the best shed to paint in but it was ok for the smaller items cheers Ian
  8. Hi Moses happy new year to you also & hopefully 2021 is a better year I think the overdrive was an attempt at improving fuel economy as all the other large 4wds available here at that time were available in a diesel it is an 83 model & emissions wise there wasnt much regulation on 4wds at that time only passenger cars I havent had a close look to see if any emissions equipment was fitted but I think not as the cj10 did not have any & that was an 84 model with the same engine I had a look at the rear diff that is an amc model 20 same as the v8 versions I havent had a chance to see what ratio they are yet I know the b8 auto's are 373:1 im hoping it will be 410:1 like the cj10 was as I think 5th gear will be a bit too tall if its a 373:1
  9. Hi Moses Ive made a start on the power wagon stripped a few bits off & painted them black ive got the doors off ready to get them straight & paint the inside of doors & cab but theres a bit of work needed to straighten up the repaires that old Daryl has done ive decided to paint the cab in a dark metallic grey & the fenders & grille & bumper etc in black I think it will look good also I have removed the tray off the back & im going to build a well body tub in the style of the originals except with tiber sides instead of steel to give it that vintage look so ive got lots to do cheers Ian
  10. Hi Moses just wanted to share this with you its a genuine barn find 1 owner still in its original paint a few small dents & scrapes but not much & very minimal rust I think this variant was for Aus only its called a plainsman & is a base model with the 4.2 6cyl & t5 5spd gearbox I didnt look at the rear diff but the front is a dana 44 & even the tailgate glass is manual crank (1 less thing to go wrong) the suspension is badly sagged the leaf springs are flat & it rides like a boat but the interior is tidy with the exception of the whole cut into the dash on the left hand side i guess he had a 2way radio in there so its in my shed now but will have to wait till ive finished the power wagon cheers Ian
  11. Hi Moses I just spent the day sorting through the spare parts & putting them in the shed i took it for a short drive & loved it as you can tell by the dumb grin on my face so yes there is still some work to do but the hard part is all done cheers Ian
  12. thats the truck driver in the pics im still away at work wont get home till tuesday so im waiting impatiently ill post a pic of me with it when im home cheers ian
  13. Hi Moses it arrived but i still have to wait till i get home on tuesday to check it out in person starting to get very excited now ill be like a kid in a candy store when i get home 20201001_132230_001.mp4 20201001_131815_001.mp4
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