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  1. Hi Moses thanks for that but that is exactly what we have tried the problem is that the Apillars are narrower than windshield so with a bit of messing about & unbolting the steering column i was able to get both ends in but while trying push the center out to the windshield frame i used a little too much force & now i have to cut a new piece but i think ive worked it i think ill make a video for youtube it might help others all the research ive done it just seems like its a pain in the but & some windshield guys refuse to touch them im kind of wishing i had gone with the 1 piece now but i want the 2 piece look cheers ian
  2. Hi Moses its been a while since ive had a chance to do any more but me & my son inlaw attempted to fit the windscreen this morning but it would not cooperate it is the 2 piece neither of us have done either a 2 piece or a willys before but we have done plenty of other vehicle without issue this all seems backwards the way the rubber is the glass has to be installed from the inside but this doesnt seem possible have you ever replaced a windscreen in 1 of these trucks cheers ian
  3. here we go pics of it outside in natural light
  4. took the day off work today it was great painting weather & not having a spray booth i have to pick the right day & there are way too many bugs in the evening now once i can uncover the engine ill drive it out of the shed for some day light pics but im happy with it its not my best panel job but it is a 4wd cheers ian
  5. i should treat the old girl a bit better but it is a work ute after all id like to see a modern ute do this thats 2200kg on its back & it took it in its stride i used to have a 75 series land cruiser & it wouldnt of had a hope in sitting that level its tow bar would have nearly been touching the ground had i tried this with it cheers ian
  6. I bought the patch panel from Kaiser Willys but the inner piece i bent up myself ive done the little bit of bog (bondo) work & primed it dont want it going rusty already unfortunately i wont be around to paint it next weekend so itll have to wait 2 weeks but ill get it in spray putty & all rubbed down after work during the week then itll be quicker when i get time to paint cheers ian
  7. ive been busy this weekend this is the last body repair before i prep it for paint its coming along nicely ive found a bit of motivation lately & the more progress i make the more keen im getting?
  8. managed to get time to put the last few thing back on & get it out of the shed this weekend ill take it for a beach run next weekend its fishing club weekend cheers ian
  9. Hi Moses yes we call them bush pin stripes over here i sprayed it with my spray putty gun about 3mm nozzle this type of coating is becoming more popular on vehicles that spend alot of time offroad and it also hides a few sins cheers ian
  10. Hi Moses ive been busy sorted out the rust & painted it in bed liner see 3rd pic for the texture should prove to be good strong bush proof paint ive got to swap the hood yet the other 1 is better & i painted it on tressels cheers ian
  11. Hi Moses i do like the 6.2 like you say no world beater but a good work horse i had thought about a turbo but didnt get to serious as i didnt feel the spend was warranted as for fuel usage fully loaded for our holland tack trip i checked it on the way up there just for curiosity & it was getting 18 l/100km so that converted to 13mpg not so good now ive converted to mpg but we were heavy & had gear on the roofrack making more wind resistance & averaging 110kph (65mph) once we hit the track & were driving slowly it was only using about 20l per day it is generally better when not loaded up for daily running if i drive easy around 15l/100km still not great but its way better than the cj10 this engine was a HUMVEE engine in a previous life so its got a little more power & torque than the civilian version i did expect to notice a slight loss of power with the new pump but it seems the same but a bit better throttle response this is probably due to wear in the old pump cheers ian
  12. well thats all done & running like a clock nice easy job took a little while for the new pump to prime & i changed the fuel filter while i was at it it was clean but still a good habit to have if you look at the back of the block in the valley you can see the distributor blank off so it must be a multi purpose block i knew the bellhousing bolt pattern was sml block chev so i guess it is a sml block with different internals & heads etc cheers ian