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  1. Moses, Seems like sage advice as always! It sounds like I'm well setup if I decide to go the stroker route. My current engine is out of a 1995 Cherokee. It has the 7120 head that is the best of breed from what I've read. I haven't ever been inside of it, so I don't know what the condition is. It still makes good oil pressure, so I suspect it will be a decent canvas to work from. That said, last night I plunged into an engine purchase on Rockcrawling Classifieds. A gentleman in Colorado that races prerunners in the 2.3L class had considered stepping up to the V8 class. He rebuil
  2. Moses, I have watched your videos regarding how to approach a stroker motor. I have read tons of info on the internet, and I've seen many calculators for quench height, combustion cylinder volume, etc. It really is baffling to me, and I've begun to realize I could invest a lot of money and end up with an engine that doesn't work. Is there any identifying info on the block that would allow you (or someone) to write me a "recipe" for what parts I need to build up a stroker? I'm realizing that the added weight of the full size truck axles and 38" tires are going to necessitate more power.
  3. Moses, It's been a while since I was on the site. Things have been very busy for us. We finally sold our home in San Diego, and we moved my mom to Memphis, as Uncle Sam has decided to keep me here for another three years. Lots of good wheeling this summer and fall with my local club. The itch to do more challenging trails has set in, and I feel like I'm about at the limit of my stock axles. I have sourced a full width Dana 60 rear with 4.10 and a disc brake conversion complete. The same stalled project yielded a 70's vintage Dana 44 from a Chevy truck. It's a 4.10 with lunch box loc
  4. Monty, Moses' book will be a lifesaver. It does look like a solid platform from which to start a restoration. As for wiring, I did a frame up restoration of an '83 CJ-7. While everything I read about the Painless harness said they were top notch, the price was anything but Painless. I ultimately went with a Centech harness. They have many of the same features as Painless such as labeled high temperature rated wire. They also use (at least on my kit) a custom WeatherPak firewall pass through that is fully sealed. You will have to terminate some of the connections, as they leave
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