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  1. OK. I've don't have the 4.2 out yet but I do have a spare 4.2 flexplate, so I can go ahead and get those measurements. One other thing, you did'nt address the damper pulley issue. Thanks for all the great info.
  2. after reading my original post, it was pretty vague. Here is the total scoop. I have the complete MPI setup currently in operation on the engine described in my post. It has the damper pulley cps, V-belts, a/c and is the kit that HESCO sells. I intend to swap all the MPI parts to the 99 engine. It's basically a long block with all accessories missing. I'll use my 91-95 distributor and coil, etc from the 4.2L engine. The 99 engine still has the dist. in place. Is there anyting special I need to know before swapping the distributors out. I'll replace the waterpump with the correct one for v-belt
  3. Going to swap my old 258 w/ 4.0 head for a 99 model 4.0 in my 84 CJ-8. Already have the mpfi setup, just going to use it along with the TF999 trans. Question is will the flexplate and starter both work on the 99 4.0 engine? I've been told that I need the flexplate that fits the engine and to drill it to fit the trans. torque converter. Just need to know which is correct. Thanks
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