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  1. Moses, Just a follow up on this. Looked through the factory parts manual and they don't even list or show brake drum retaining screws. Service manual mentions removing them for servicing the brakes but no mention of replacing them nor are torque specs listed for them. Looked for comparison on the AMC 20 Axle and it shows the retaining screws on them but they are flush mounted heads. Rich
  2. Moses, A few of the other Eagle guys have replaced their drums with aftermarket ones (kind of hard finding OEM drums for this car anymore) and some have holes some don't (and weights on the aftermarket drums are non-existent). Problem I've noticed with these screws as I've replaced the wheels with ones from a Jeep Cherokee and they need to sit flat against the drums. With these screws there, the wheels are not flat against the drum. Factory AMC Eagle steel and aluminum wheels have indents for those screws. Rich
  3. Moses, Here's an odd one for you. Referencing the attached picture what is the purpose of the 3 screws on the brake drum? This is on a AMC Model 15 axle on an Eagle. They appear to only attach the drum to the hub but why? Figuring the lug nuts and wheels would be doing just a fine job without those. I've read one other place that they were there for assembly purpose at the factory to keep the drums from falling off when the cars were overhead on the assembly line and really aren't required. You thoughts? Thanks, Rich
  4. Hey Moses, in the Eccentrics class you missed mentioned the AMC Eagle I agree about restoring the older vehicles. Sometimes, though, you have to modify older vehicles as parts become no longer available (like my AMC Eagle). A lot of the Eagle owners have changed out rear axles (D35 for better selection of gear ratios and ability to upgrade to disc brakes), transfer cases (Eagles only came with AWD or Select trac giving only choice of 2WD or AWD), transfer case of choice is an NP242, and engines. While the 258 is a great engine, the 4.0L fuel injected motor provides better HP and torque numbers and is a solid motor. Great topic. Rich
  5. Moses, Great info! Copying and pasting this into my Eagle folder on my computer here along with the rest of the thread here. I'm posting the page from the FSM for the AMC Eagle and its as you stated, there is a stick out length specified in the manual. 1 and 3/16th's of an inch. As I said, my intent is to preempt any future axle issues before it happens by wanting to swap out the axle before anything bad happens. Believe it or not, I drive this car quite a bit (its made a Maine to Montana to Virginia trip in the last 3 years and a few other thousand mile trips since I've owned it). Based on what you're saying, I'm gathering as long as I don't abuse it, nor try and run large tires on it, I should have a solid axle for the car. Rich
  6. Moses, Two reasons, one you touched on with the axle shaft hub design, and two, eventually I want to upgrade the rear to disk brakes. There are numerous articles out there that show how to use the disk brakes off the rear of the ZJ and adapt them to the XJ (which never came with disk brakes). Would love to hear your pointers on keeping the hubs in place. Rich
  7. From NAPA, the pinion and carrier cups and cones (including the bearing kits that include Bearings, Seals, Gaskets, Accessory Components and ring gear bolts ) are the same part number for both axles. Good suggestion to compare parts like that. I'm still trying to locate specs on the pinion itself, but based on the bearing numbers matching, diameter at least is the same. Still the pinion seal is different, but thinking maybe that can be attributed upgrades to the D35. Have learned some great lessons from you here. It's appearing the differential are alike, but I would sure love to find someone that's pulled a ring and pinion from an AMC 15 and put it in a D35. Rich
  8. Moses, Compared rear end parts with NAPA and was surprised by the results. The pinion seal was a different part number and the wheel bearings were too (can understand the wheel bearings as the D35 has a thicker axle). For what I could find for the 83 Eagle same part numbers were used for a D35 out of a 89 Cherokee. Looking at a bunch of different places tonight that sell D35 ring gears, the are 7.562" in diameter. The AMC 15 Ring Gear is 7 9/16" in Diameter (which converted to decimal is 7.562 also). I'm still trying to locate pinion shaft size at the moment. I've attached the drawing for the AMC 15 axle from the FSM. Rich
  9. I have access to factory manuals so will post this evening. A lot of places say the AMC 15 is 7.5" ring gear (they are rounding off the size), but its actually 7 9/16". Great idea on the carrier and pinion bearing suggestion! Will look into that this evening too. There are a few Eagles out there being parted out so finding an axle one is doable, just finding one in Virginia is another matter. Seems all the parts cars are out west. Most likely will be from a SX-4 as more of them came with 4 cylinder engines and the 3.54 gear. For my needs a 3.08 would be better as my Eagle doesn't see off-road use. The AMC I acquired (oddly enough through a raffle) gives me best of both worlds, AMC style, Jeep(ish) drivetrain. Would rather have a Full size 70's or early 80's wagoneer though Rich
  10. Moses, A 2.73, 3.08 or 3.55 carrier will not fit my front axle. For reasons unknown to most those in the Eagle community ( check out amceaglesden.com ) the front D30 with 2.35 gears was an oddball axle. If you have a 2.35 gear, no other gear will fit. If you have the other ratio's, you have all kinds of options. Which is why I was wondering about if there were similarities between the AMC 15 and the D35. Some of the reading I've done state the AMC 15 and D35 are the same ( check out wikipedia that says "The Dana/Spicer Model 35 is an automotive axle manufactured by Dana Corp since 1985 when American Motors (AMC) sold its axle tooling equipment to Dana.The axle was originally named an AMC-15 when it was first made in 1962"). One of many acticles I've found to state that. The reasoning I wanted to stay with a 2.35 gear in the rear is I didn't want to swap out the front axle and that the XJ D35 rear axle is close to a bolt in swap for the Eagle rear axle of which I can fit rear disk brakes to my Eagle. With the AMC 20 models, I've not found one used in a vehicle that has the 4.5" bolt pattern. Based on your information, It doesn't look like I have a choice. With the Ring and Pinions not being compatible between the AMC-15 and the D35 and none of the many places that sell new gears show a 2.35 for D35, I might have to bite the bullet and search for a front axle with from a car with the other ratios. 4 cyclinder cars had 3.54 gears, 2.73 were an option and 3.08 gear was part of the trailering package. Apprecate your responses and wisdom. Have followed your writings for years as I've been a long time Jeep fan (have owned a 67 J-2000, 71 and 81 Wagoneers, 93, 98 and 01 Grand Cherokees) and a fan of yours since I can remember (I have your Jeep Owners Bible in my home library too) Rich
  11. Appreciate the response Moses about the AMC 15. Unfortunately, while the front axle is a D30, its an oddball one. Eagles came with 4 different gear ratios 2.35, 2.73, 3.08, and 3.54. If I had the 2.73, 3.08 or 3.54, I could easily swap out the gears to match a rear end replacement. The 2.35 ratio axle is a different carrier and there are no gears that will fit it other that the 2.35. I'd have to find a new front axle to do any gear swapping. That's why I was hoping the ring and pinion out of a AMC 15 would swap into a D35. I have found that the carrier break for D35s will support a 2.35 ( Carrier break for D35s are 2.35:1 - 3.31:1 and 3.55 - 4.88:1 ) but locating a 2.35 gear for the D35 has obviously been a problem. Good tip on the AMC model 20 axle. WIll look into that deeper and see if there's any that were made with the dimensions I need. Which versions of the Hummer had the model 20? H1, H2 or H3? Rich P.S.: The picture is my 98,000 mile 83 AMC Eagle Wagon. Mostly stock, fun car to drive and tends to draw attention as most haven't seen one on the road in a LONG time.
  12. I spent a few years in Maine and used General Grabber AT2s year round out up there. Great all around tire, and excellent winter traction. Balanced easy, handled well, weren't noisy.
  13. Couldn't find a place that would work for a question concerning AMC Eagles, so will go here. Car has a AMC Model 15 axle. 7.5 inch ring gear. It has been suggested that the Dana 35 is basically an upgraded AMC 15 (and it too has a 7.5 inch ring gear). Will a AMC 15 ring and Pinion fit in a D35 axle? Reason I'm asking is I want to replace the Model 15 in my Eagle with a D35 from a Cherokee (with is same, spring perches same, just have fix shock mounts to make it work) and I need a 2.35 gear ratio which isn't something I can find for a D35 (Need to match up gear ratio with front axle) Thanks in advance Rich
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