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Found 18 results

  1. At the 4WD Mechanix Magazine 'Tech and Travel' Forums, the goal is meaningful discussion groups and forum communities. We value everyone's input, and when member "biggman100" made the following suggestion, I promptly responded: "I have a suggestion for the forums. We should have an off topic area that isn't specific to any one make or model, so users can post comments or suggestions relating to the off-road community, items that wouldn't otherwise fit in any one category. Like, for an example, say a new style multi-fit bed tool box comes out, and someone wants info on it. Or maybe someone
  2. I joined the LinkedIn professional group for the motorcycle/powersports industry and have been following the comments with interest. In a current topic, the subject of dealership technician retention in the powersports industry came up. I couldn't resist responding...Having taught adult education level Automotive/Diesel Technology and Welding, I know several reasons why today's technicians defect from these automotive and powersports shop roles. My response centered on the value that society places on professional wrenching. In the course of a career that now spans 47 years, I've worked
  3. Fellow Forum Members...I am the guest for a 'Live Q&A Session' at Facebook Jeep Talk online. The scheduled time is 8 p.m. EST on December 29, 2014. If you have time and would like to join, here are more details from the magazine's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/4WDMechanixMagazine. Facebook Friends...I am a guest at Monday night's Jeep Talk chat at Facebook. To make sure I'm on my game, Trevor Bryson shares, "Jeep Talkers, I am getting excited about Monday evening's Live Q&A Session guest Moses Ludel! Please join me ...at 8:00 pm EST to be wowed by quite possibly the s
  4. We each have an appreciation for tools, and here's a humorous note on what tools can do. At the "swapmeetdave.com" site, Dave shares a humorous tool list by Peter Egan from his Road & Track column. You will appreciate Peter's insightful wit, humor and obvious awareness tools: http://www.swapmeetdave.com/Humor/Workshop/Definitions.htm. Enjoy! Thanks to Swap Meet Dave and Peter Egan... Moses
  5. For most of the world, an outdoor lifestyle involves motor vehicles. In North America, 4x4 utility vehicles long ago became the icon for backcountry travel, which now spans four generations of postwar Jeep, SUV and 4x4 light truck enthusiasts. When not used for work chores, these vehicles have taken families camping, hunting," rock hounding", fishing, exploring and rock crawling. 4x4s have accessed the most primitive and scenic reaches of the globe. The emergence of dirt motorcycles, ATVs and the popular S-by-S UTVs has given us an even wider range of vehicle choices. Dirt motorcycles,
  6. Many members at these forums have shared stories about an older 4x4 that was "the best 4x4 they've ever owned". Some have suggested they would like to get that older vehicle back and restore it. Others have actually found the vehicle or a similar one, and the restoration process is underway. I have given a lot of thought to automotive restorations. Having done many professional motor vehicle restorations, including a string of mainstream 4x4 magazine projects, I have reached several conclusions about restoring older vehicles—and which 4x4s are worth restoring. I have rebuilt and mechan
  7. With our interest in traction and all things 4x4, you'll find this video both interesting and entertaining. It reminds us that "Cadillac Hill" on the Rubicon Trail was originally about touring cars and not lifted 4x4s with 37" tires: http://www.youtube.com/embed/nq2jY1trxqg?rel=0 Moses
  8. There are many suspension lift kits available for Jeep, 4WD truck and SUV models. Pricing can be shopped online, through catalogs and at local retailers. A wild card, however, is how much it will cost in labor time to have a shop install that lift kit. Or for that matter, a winch, armor, ARB Air Lock, an exhaust upgrade, you name it! The magazine's 2005 Ram 3500 Quad Cab 4WD sports a Mopar lift kit, Warn front bumper and M12000 winch, Mopar drop down running boards and a number of other accessories. I performed all of the work on this truck and would be glad to comment candidly on any
  9. Mounting oversized tires is common for Jeep, 4x4 truck and SUV models. Member Bamafan1 sent a question that begs attention. This is a general topic that has importance. There is a "trickle down effect" when running oversized tires...These issues have solutions... See Bamafan1's note below, my reply, and join the discussion! Moses
  10. Moses, can we post videos or a link to a video? I'd like to share my technical issues and think that video would be helpful. Forman
  11. I recently found this website: http://www.inrides.com/. They are a salvage auction clearing house. I know this idea won't be for everyone, but you might find a vehicle you may be interested in rebuilding, or even a parts vehicle, through them. The pic i attached is of a 1993 i got through them recently, and have plans to rebuild using another Dakota i have. The way the site works, you become a member, and then you bid on vehicles, and hope you are lucky enough not only to win the bid, but win it at a low price. For those of us lucky enough to live in a state where rebuilt vehicles can be retit
  12. I didn't think this would go in the new products, as this isn't really about new products, but about something i have found useful in the past, although they do sell wheel spacers and wheel adapters. The big thing i like about their site though, is they have a wheel bolt pattern database, that is quite extensive. If you go to their website, http://www.roadkillcustoms.com/ and look on either the right or left side of the home page, you will see a link to their bolt pattern database. The reason i find it useful is because i can go to it, put in any make and model, and not only does it show
  13. Members JJ_Jeep and biggman100 suggested that the magazine's shop projects could benefit from a difficulty ranking system...I'd like to incorporate that approach at the magazine and also when we share projects, service work and rebuilding chores at these forums. It needs to be a ranking system that is very clear, not generalized. We've all seen rankings that give, say, four levels of difficulty without much detail about the experience required for each. Tools needed will be a concern, however, the real issue is the skill level required. Would it be better to describe each project in a
  14. I want to encourage others to become forum members. Joining these forums is free, and it is very easy to become a member, just as fast as becoming a member on any other website or forum! Moses Ludel, the publisher of the magazine and author of several books, has many years of valuable experience at professional repairs and maintenance. He has hands on, valuable experience at building magazine specialty vehicles for places like the Rubicon Trail and all-weather/all-terrain use—with lots of travel and back country experiences to share! Moses Ludel taught 4WD driving clinics for the Tread L
  15. In another post, i made mention of U-Pull and full service wrecking yards, which some may know about, and some may not, and i wanted to start a discussion about the pros and cons of buying new versus used. In a U-Pull yard, you pull the part yourself, ultimately saving money, but at the same time, finding the time to do so isn't always easy. Another advantage to a U-Pull yard, is from an experience standpoint. Not everyone knows how simple parts like alternators, starters and even brakes come off their vehicle. You can find that information, as well as tons on pics, and even step by step instr
  16. Your father-in-law is a great model for your kids, biggman100! Completing two Iditarod events works for me! I like his canoeing and other interests, right up my alley, I grew up with an Old Town wood and canvas canoe. Arctic Man sounds like my friend Cody Lundin (Discovery Dual Survival co-star). I met Cody while conducting one of my Jeep/Mopar Tent workshops at Camp Jeep. He was easy to spot, the only adult at Branson, MO with pigtail braids and bare feet. We became fast friends when he shared that his total tool assortment for his 200K mile Jeep CJ7 would fit into a fishing tackle box.
  17. You made a comment about how, when we are resourceful, anything can be done affordably. I would like to add to that. With 3 small children, and not a lot of extra funds to mess with most of the time, we have learned quite a few ways to make any adventure affordable, but i have noticed, more and more, that attendance at most of the things we do has been dwindling, and most people say its because they cant afford it. I think what we need to do, without adding more to your busy day, is to show people ways that they can do things without spending their whole weeks pay. Some tips i have found f
  18. Hi, Moses, I had an old AMC Corcord York 210 A/C turned into onboard air for my CJ-7 Jeep. The air supply worked great for years. I thought I killed it, so I swapped it out. I think I let the oil run dry on the old one, and it was running even with the power cut. Now I don't hear the clutch kick in when I add power to it. How do I know if this clutch is good? I hope this one is good. I added oil and it turns and makes a pumping sound.
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