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Need Information: 1994 Ford Bronco E4OD Transmission Troubles

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Hi fellow 4x4 buddies.  So the other day i am driving down the freeway in my OJ and suddenly my revs go up. i lay off the gas and apply small amount of pedal and nothing.  I am in gear and I have no engine/trans lights on.  I turn the O/D off and still nothing.  I coast off an exit and then I have  the transmission back again.  I have good red fluid and no foul smelling oder either.  There are over 210k original miles on this rig that is my daily driver.  It has been dependable all for the front end needing a  complete overhaul.  I just dont know where to start.  I am a DY kinda of guy.  Any pointer or things to look for or start with would be very helpful. Transmissions are not my forte really so I dont want to make any more problems than the one i have.

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If you search the forums, the E4OD is a pretty popular topic. The 94, if i remember, wont show any lights for the trans. When is the last time you changed the filter in it? I know you said the fluid looks good, but, if the filter got plugged, the fluid may not have been ale to get through it, and sometimes, even with good fluid, it can have a bad filter. Im not really a Ford guy myself, i work more with Dodge trucks, but, i have seen that happen on quite a few Ram's and Dakota's.

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Rizzles67 and biggman100...To the point, here is the list of E4OD troubleshooting topics and threads at the forums:  http://forums.4wdmechanix.com/search/?&q=E4OD transmission&item=904

When using the Search box, be sure to check the "All Content" for a complete search.  Sometimes, we're on a topic and asking for a search, and the only return is the post we're on!  It's confusing because the Search says, "This Topic".  This Topic is just that:  the topic you're already on...For a full search, use the drop down and check for "All Content".

I'll post these instructions for general use of the forums...


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