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  1. I know this is an older post, but, i would like to add this for anyone who comes across it. I had several different BII's, most notably a 1987 with a 2.8 and manual trans, and a 1989 with a 2,9 and manual trans (that a tree crashed onto in a storm, but that is another rant for another day. I still miss that one though), and, with over 150k on the 89, all stock, i could go many places in 2wd, that guys in bigger pickups had to get to in 4WD. They are very capable little vehicles, and, if found in good shape, and decently maintained, will take a fair amount of abuse, as long as it is only occasi
  2. I know this is an older post, but i just came across it. My neighbor does something along these lines, only he recycles the pallets into large playhouses that he then sells, or donates, depending on who it is going to, to people in this area. He has also built "luxury" pet houses, and even an oversized water fountain, just using pallets and scrap materials he picks up from places. Since we live in an area known for major cold and snowfall, he even used recycled materials to make an outdoor shelter for the kids in our neighborhood to wait in until the bus comes. He tells me all the time, what y
  3. Moses, i know this one has been on here awhile, but after what happened to a friend on his ford the other day, i have one other bit of advice to add to this. When you take the old pitman arm off, mark it in relation to the steering box, and make sure the new one goes on the exact same spot as the old one. I know this may seem like common sense, but the other day, my neighbor did the one on his 1995 F-150, and somehow the wheels got turned while the old pitman arm was off, and instead of realizing that, he just lined up the pitman arm so it would go back on the steering box, and into the hole i
  4. Both of those topics would probably end up being hot debates. There are people who have valid points on both sides of the coin, and there never seems to be a consensus on either topic. Some swear by new vehicles, and some swear by used vehicles. Preventive care is one of those issues where there are so many factors, it's sometimes hard to say who is right, depending on what part of preventive care you are bringing up.
  5. The rebuilt transmission out of the 1995 already has a new torque converter, so im going to just use that one. As for the flex plate, i didn't think of that, but in light of the fact that today i got under the truck and checked a few things, and found the torque converter to flex plate bolts were extremely loose, and re-tightening them, with lock tite, and only 2 of the 4 actually seemed to get tight, and realizing that the torque converter has been banging against the flex plate for who knows how long, that would make sense. My plan, once a couple other issues are dealt with on other vehi
  6. I assumed it was something mechanical, but after moving his truck today, i think replacing the transmission would be the better option, due to other things i noticed. When i started it, no matter how many times i shut it off and restarted it, it sounded like a rod knocking, but after a couple minutes it would go away, so i started really listening, while having my brother start it with his foot on the brake 4 or 5 times, and found the noise is coming from the torque converter. The noise would completely go away after a couple minutes, and wouldn't come back, except in reverse, so im thinki
  7. I went to move my step dad's ford to the side of the garage, where it usually sits. The shifter was in park, and the engine started up fine, but before i could do anything, i watched as the shifter jumped into reverse, and the truck tried to jump backwards. Luckily i had my foot on the brake, and it didn't go anywhere. I thought maybe the throttle sticking was why it kept jumping into reverse, but i have since fixed the sticking throttle, and twice now it has done the same thing to me. I have checked the linkage, and found nothing out of place there, and no bad bushings, so i am at a loss.
  8. Ok, we had an issue with my step dad's 1994 ford f-150 4x4. It is an extended cab, with a 302 v-8, that a couple weeks ago revved up on its own, which has since been fixed. It was due to a sticking throttle cable, but, when it revved up, the transmission jumped into reverse on its own. Since then, it has happened a couple of times, even with the sticking throttle issue resolved. My question is, has anyone ever heard of this happening? If so, how common is it, and what are possible fixes for this issue?
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