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  1. Mike, I’m excited to see another 3B project on here. I need to get back to working on my 3B this fall or winter after I insulate my new shop.
  2. The front is already disc, I’ll just need to upgrade the master cylinder and set up the proportioning valve I got for it.
  3. I spent a lot of time on an XR400R and while a heavy bike for dirt bike standards, much better than the AT. It’s also a couple hundred pounds lighter. I do have the standard 6 speed, but I would mind trying the DCT, I hear it’s nice. Rekluse does make an auto clutch for the AT now, although for the riding I do I don’t think it will be much of a benefit.
  4. Yeah I passed through this past spring on the Thursday leading up to EJS, what a zoo. I couldn’t even get govt rate. But not an issue on my way home in mid August.
  5. Samurai rotors(86) and Chevy or caddie calipers. I’m not too concerned with adding an e-brake so I’ll go with the standard ones.
  6. I never did post back about the Rekluse Radius X. It is an amazing clutch, the best upgrade I’ve done to any bike. I can go out and ride more technical terrain and really challenge my abilities and the bike is impossible to stall. It’s a real confidence builder and I wish I would have tried the Rekluse coolaid years ago. I did add the Boyeson Rad Valve back in late 2017, it seems to make the bike run cleaner, more responsive, at all rpm’s. It definitely has a more crisp top end. This past summer I added an Acerbis desert tank, now I just need to get out to ride enough to burn all that fuel. All in all, this is a great bike and the whole combo really seems to be working with the clutching, tires, fueling, exhaust. It runs great. My buddy with the XR wants to make a Moab trip this spring, I would love to but time is always scarce for me.
  7. I finally got to see the XR650L is action after I rebuilt the engine this past Spring. Too my disliking, I could hear the loose rockers when my buddy pulled up. He has not been properly maintaining the bike, mostly due to lack of experience and knowledge so I made him watch a quick YouTube video on valve clearance checks and had him help me set the valve clearance on the bike. All valves were way out of spec. But all is good now, fortunately he put minimal hours on the bike. And why can’t all bikes be that easy and quick for valve checks and adjustments? We did do some riding, my big Africa Twin is maybe too big for single track and gets squirrely in the mud. I think I’m going to look at different options for the front tire.
  8. I finally found the brackets with spacers, $100. Nice 3/8” brackets. R&P 4WD in Oregon City has a lot of great older jeep stuff, Rich is the owner and I ended up calling him and he was more than happy to sell me just the brackets with spacers and told me what calipers and rotors to use. I should be able to make the complete conversion for around $200.
  9. Well I'm back home for the winter and ready to finish this disc conversion, but first I need to start it. I'm still looking at the 3/8" weld-on brackets. I can't seem to find bolt on brackets anywhere except for one complete kit that is way above my price range. The other thing I'll need to look at is a space to take the place of the backing plate I'll be removing. I could either cut up the backing plate or have a spacer made.
  10. I’m not in Durango anymore, that was just a 5 month temp reassignment. I’m back in the great PNW! The snow is finally falling so I’ll be riding the little CRF soon.
  11. An update on the XR650L, my buddy(the owner) finished putting the bike back together, which was really just installing the exhaust, battery, and a few other little things. The aftermarket cam does not have a decompression feature so he had to install a more powerful battery, I’ll have to check with him on the model. Other than that, he was really pleased with the power and responsiveness of the new engine. I have not ridden it myself but I’ll get on it att some point this winter.
  12. I ended up getting the crank the week before I left. Millenium Technologies forgot to include the cylinder and piston kit in the shipment, which makes twice this winter they did that, and I got that stuff just days before I had to leave. A couple long nights and I had it all assembled minus a couple things. My buddy will have to finish putting the bike together and do the initial start up and break in without me. I’ll walk him through that though. I will say this, I’m shopping for a new machine shop. I don’t like to stress over things when I’m working on bikes. Turnaround times in excess of a month and misplaced parts is not acceptable.
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