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  1. Final fitting of the body before I pull it back apart for painting and finishing a few things on the chassis. I am upgrading to swinging pedals hydraulic clutch and a master cylinder on the firewall. I built a plate to reinforce the fire wall behind the pedals. Mounted some tail lights and drilled the dash for gages.
  2. I had to move the engine forward about 2.5” to get the firewall clearance I needed. Looks like I will be adding drivelines to my list! I am pretty happy with the alignment of the tub fenders grill and hood. Everything bolts up and looks good. I have not drilled the holes for the tub yet but it lands the hat channel over the frame mounts so I should be in good shape! I have given myself a completion date of October! I think I am tracking to get it done target date!
  3. Thanks Moses. The fan i purchased came with thermostatic control and a fuse block relay etc.
  4. Thanks Moses, The engine did not have a fan or a fan shroud when I pulled it from the donor vehicle. I needed a fan and I wanted to be able to control when it came on and off so I went with electric. The fan I installed moves 2400 CFM.
  5. I went with an electric fan to cool the engine. Corrected two small water leaks and ran the engine. I let the engine get up to about 195 deg and turned the fan on. In just a few minutes the temp dropped down to under 180. I think I will need to build a shroud but I’m going to wait until I run the Jeep a bit before I make that decision. I have a minor oil leak on the rear of the intake manifold. I didn’t use an RTV on the seal when I installed it. I may go back and do that. next I will build a mount for my clutch slave cylinder and than it’s time to fit the new tub on!!!
  6. Fired up the dauntless V6 today! I was pleasantly surprised when the engine only made a few revolutions before it roared to life. Very minor adjustment of the timing and it was idling smooth! Oil pressure a steady 45 lbs! so gratifying!!! Funny thing it was 1year and 1day ago that I took this engine from the goats in this pasture in North Georgia and brought it home for my project! Time flys! Moses thanks for all the help along the way!
  7. Haha yes a relief for sure. I don’t know the history of this engine but I can just imagine it was parked at some point due to no oil pressure. Maybe some one drilled that housing out thinking they were going to increase oil pressure or volume...
  8. Mystery solved. My new oil pump housing showed up and the plunger and spring seat as they should. I reassembled the high volume pump kit with the new pump housing spun the pump with the drill and have a steady 45 lbs of oil pressure! Big relief to have this behind me. If all goes well I will fire that engine up this weekend! Pic of the new housing with the valve and spring installed.
  9. Thanks Moses, Absolutely! I was relieved to finally find something that is definitively not right. I would have never fired this engine off had I not been confident in the oil flow and pressure. I believe I will still pull the rocker shafts apart and clean them out. Once I get the oil pump situation corrected I will check for oil flow at the rocker shafts. I did have oil present at the rocker shafts and rocker arms when priming but it didn't seem like enough. I have three plungers. The one that was in it, the one that came with the high volume pump kit and the one that came with the engine rebuild kit. They are all three the exact same length and diameter. I watched a bunch of videos on line showing people drilling out the pump housing and/or timing cover to increase volume... I wonder if some one went at this thing with a drill at some point... My purchasing of parts has outpaced my progress on the jeep. I have a garage full of new parts (including the new body) I know there a lot worse problems to have!
  10. Top pic is the side view of the relief valve housing. The orange spring and valve are installed and bottomed out in the housing. The spring is not visible. It is not protruding at all. in the second pic if you zoom in you can just barely see the orange spring.
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