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  1. Your advise has been very valuable in narrowing my search for a used CJ or YJ. Now I find myself also interested in Cherokees although I am not sure if I like the unibody platform. Again you have helped me narrow my search as far as what years to consider and which ones to avoid. I do have another question: What is the difference between the Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee other than the obvious body style and trim? Also, I am glad to see the forum expanding to include Nissan because while looking at Cherokees I have found myself considering a used Pathfinder. As always your insight and
  2. I'm looking at Jeep XJ Cherokees for a possible build-up and light four-wheeling. Jp Magazine (May 2013 issue) rates used Cherokees from best to worst. Here is their ranking: '98 - '991/2 '00 and '01 with a manual '91-'94 '87-'90 '95-'96 Do others agree with this?
  3. I am looking at used jeeps and I will be a first time jeep owner. I am interested in CJs or YJs. I want the jeep mostly for hunting and putt-ing around town. As far as engines go, do you think a 4 cyl would be okay for what I want and not get me in trouble in the mountains, or should I just look at the 6 or an 8 cyl? If a 4 would work, what transmission, axle gearing and tire size would you recommend? I have already found the forums to very informative. Thanks. Rich
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