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Hey Moses,

Just thought I would drop you  a note and update you on my vehicle adventures.

I sold both Jeeps that I bought, 78 CJ7 & 06 LJ and have been spending time upgrading my 2009 6.2L Tahoe LTZ.  This car is a blast to drive as it is very fast and handles extremely well.

I have had this Tahoe for a few years, searched for about a year or more to find one with low mileage and the L9H 6.2L & 4WD.  they only made 620 of them in 2009 and I found one with 35,000 miles on her.

Well, since I sold the Jeeps (thank you God) (they were not that bad, but can not compare to my previous IH Scouts) I have added a Cold Air Intake, Custom Exhaust, Computer Dyno Tune by Nelson Performance in San Antonio, Texas, Hotchkis Sway Bars and Baer 15" Brakes F&R.

Needless to say this is the most comfortable US made Grand Touring SUV I have ever driven.., 435 HP at the rear wheels, cruises in total comfort (AC Seats) at 80 MPH getting 18 MPG.         I included a couple of pictures of the Tahoe, looks stock, but is far from it.

Well now I have sold my oilfield business, closes the end of July and my Tahoe is pretty much done so I have been getting the ITCH :D You Know What I Mean!!!

Out of the blue appears an all original 1980 IH Scout II that is in the garage of the original owner.. Basically looks new from the pictures, 304, auto, AC PS PB..

I am trying hard not to go look at it, but I feel I may succumb to the Binder Fever once again.

Anyway, just wanted to touch base and let you know I may be joining your IH forum soon..  Gonna have to change my User Name though..  may just call myself "Crazy Old Gear Head" and let that cover all bases.

Hope you are doing well,





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Wow, Gene, what a sleeper!  I can see why you're enthusiastic about this 4WD hot rod.  Nice to have ride and handling, too.  And 18 mpg, can't beat that!


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