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Chevrolet & GMC 4x4 Trucks and SUVs


  1. Vintage to 1991: Chevrolet & GMC NAPCO and K-Model 4x4 Trucks

    1950-up truck discussion, including the NAPCO conversions, the 1960-up GM K-trucks, Chevrolet/GMC 4x4 pickups and SUVs. Includes the Suburban and K-Blazer/Jimmy. Share your troubleshooting issues, problem solving, upgrades, modifications and experiences with other owners in this discussion group!

  2. 1987-Present: Chevrolet & GMC Silverado, S-Trucks and 4x4 Suburban, Yukon and Blazer

    1987-up owners of Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra and GM SUVs will find discussion of engine, geartrain and chassis upgrades plus performance modifications. Additional S-truck and T-truck, S/T Blazer and Jimmy coverage! Share the 'LS' and Duramax engines, late transmissions and other interest areas. Discuss troubleshooting issues, problem solving, towing needs and other tips with other GM truck owners in this group!

  3. Humvee and Hummer H1, H2 and H3 Forum

    This U.S. military utility truck platform departed radically from the traditional, lightweight field 4x4. The Humvee's access and sheer mass raised questions, yet the move proved practical as the Humvee met a wider variety of demands. In civilian Hummer and H1 form, these vehicles found their way to the suburbs, highways and public streets...The G.M. acquisition from American General spawned stylized and popular light and compact truck versions. This forum provides a community base for owners seeking technical and maintenance answers plus a place to share travel and other experiences!

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