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We had a pretty good weekend at the Moonshiners 4x4 swap meet in Puyallup. Picked up a new 12 circuit wiring harness made in the US of A by a company called Rebel Wiring over in Tennessee. Also found a new back seat, some very clean Buick V6 valve covers, and probably the best find of the weekend, a new adjustable roll-around shop stool for $5. Between that and building snowbike wheel kits I haven't spent much time working on the Jeep project. I did get the Spicer 18 assembled on Friday. It went together fairly easy with the help of my Jeep book. I also came to the conclusion that my magnetic base for my dial indicator is garbage. I reassembled the heads tonight, I kept it pretty mild with the porting work. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to cc the heads.


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Pure gold, 53HiHood!  Really like your "eyes" open to the stuff that matters.  This Jeep engine will be a gem...Nice book there on the bench!  I appreciate the kudos, glad the Spicer Model 18 build went well!


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Appreciate the fact that you can go to a swap meet in your area. Here in Vermont there is no such thing. At least not a steady weekend thing. The only time you can pick up parts for your project car is when you have to hand over $15.00 to $30.00 per adult etc.. for a car show. There are "secret" club swaps from time to time, but I don't belong to any clubs yet, so they are members only, you just have to know a member to get to one without the annual fee.

Sounds like you had a good time. That's the best part isn't it?

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