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Moses Ludel

Can You Swap a Jeep JK Wrangler Steering Column or Wheel Into a 1999 Jeep XJ Cherokee?

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This topic is new member Sparky1's question...I moved the discussion here, as this is a Jeep XJ Cherokee topic that will be of interest to many...Thanks for participating at the forums, Sparky1, we look forward to your involvement!


In response to Sparky1's original question (in the next post), I haven't done this swap, but here's what I do know...The later model Jeep vehicles feature a security/anti-theft interlock system that ties the steering column/key functions to the powertrain management system.  This matches the vehicle's VIN to the key lock mechanism, actually useful.


When I toyed with the idea of a Liberty diesel engine swap into our 1999 XJ Cherokee (like your XJ), informed sources at Chrysler shared that this could only be done with a PCM match to the steering column.  The standard route was to install the recycled engine, its PCM and the steering column from the same donor vehicle.


So, I would suspect that the JK Wrangler steering column has ties to its PCM, and the PCM for a JK would drive a 3.8L or 3.6L V-6, not your inline 4.0L Jeep six.  That's what I do know, others may have more insight here...


As a footnote, I also know that the late JK Wrangler steering wheel is very cool!




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Can the steering wheel or whole steering column from a 2007-up Jeep JK Wrangler fit into a 1999 Jeep XJ Cherokee?  Would the column cruise controls work?

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I saw an early scrambler on jeepers jamboree with the liberty diesel and the entire dash and steering column grafted into the CJ. While it worked, just look odd. My stab at your question: anything is possible in a jeep with sufficient time, money and patience. But would I? Probably not. Good luck.

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