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  1. Does the CEL turn on during the instrument panel test (when key is first turned to ON, before starting)? If not, the bulb is probably burned out or unhooked.
  2. 2006 Jeep Liberty 3.7/auto. I'm wondering about the possibility of swapping an NP242 in place of the original NP231. I was looking at some online parts diagrams and see that the shifters are different, but wasn't able to determine much else. I also did not come up with anything on a general search to see if anyone else had done this swap or attempted it. Any words of wisdom are appreciated!
  3. Yes, thank you. I've wondered about these videos, but never purchased any.
  4. Thanks for the reply! The carrier I found is for sale by a private party (I just linked the Sears page to show pics/details of this model). It has never been used, and he is including new crossbars for the roof rack, all for $100. It is some distance from home, so I have not seen it personally, just the pics he sent me. I would have jumped on it sooner if it had been a bit smaller, but am hesitating because of the size. Like you said, more input from someone who has used a similar carrier would be great!
  5. I need to purchase a rooftop cargo carrier (for luggage) for our '06 Jeep Liberty. I was going to purchase one of the cargo bags that have good consumer reviews, but ran across a deal on an X-Cargo Sport 20 for sale. I hesitate, though, because this carrier is nearly as long as the roof as the Libby. http://www.sears.com/x-cargo-sport-20-car-top-carrier/p-02872030000P Looking for some guidance on choosing a bag or carrier that is appropriately sized for the vehicle, and even how important that aspect is. Any advice appreciated.
  6. I agree with Moses that the 3.7 is a pretty good motor. I have heard of a few of them dropping valve seats at higher miles, but I don't think it's a common problem by any means. What exactly is wrong with the bad engines in the Libertys you have looked at?
  7. We've had the Libby back for about a month now. The shop replaced the knuckle and rim and aligned it, and said everything else checked out. Indeed, it does drive well. If I didn't know, I'd be hard pressed to tell it had ever been damaged.
  8. Merry Christmas to all you 4wd mechanix out there! Hope you have lots of new parts & tools under the tree!
  9. Moses, I wish I could answer your question about the piece laying over the engine. I had 5-year-old Belvedere Jr. with me, and he didn't like the sound of the DA that one of the workers was using nearby, so we quickly took the pic and left. I barely even looked at anything other than to take the pic. Previously, I had talked to the owner over the phone. He said that when they take things apart to replace the knuckle, they'll carefully inspect everything else, so nothing has been decided for sure yet. You are correct about the "outer shell" damage: he told me they had measured everything to check for structural damage, and it all checks out good.
  10. The shop owner assured me that they will thoroughly inspect all parts before they put it back together, and he will guarantee my satisfaction. He has been good to work with in the past, so I am going to trust him on this. I stopped by the shop today. They have started, but are still waiting on a couple of parts and finishing other projects, so aren't too far into it yet.
  11. Thanks for the response, Moses. You confirmed my thoughts, and I hadn't thought of the ball joints. (Of course, you are correct: it's a knuckle, not a spindle!) I will discuss this with the body shop owner.
  12. My wife was recently involved in an accident. She was driving in the right lane at about 30mph, when another driver tried to make a right turn from the left lane, causing extensive damage to the front left part of my wife's '06 Liberty 4x4. The body shop owner called me today, saying they had completed the damage assessment. Here's what concerns me: they found the spindle bent. If the impact was hard enough to bend the spindle, what does that mean for the bearing assy, CV joints, rim & tire, etc? I would think there would be the potential for more problems, but welcome any thoughts or advice.
  13. Have you verified that you have no spark during the no-start? If so, I think the CPS is a good possibility. Just be sure to install a quality one (Mopar or Echlin). The cheap aftermarket replacements are notoriously unreliable.
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