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  1. It honestly runs great, its a little rich though. Yeah no panel down there, the connector is there. I'm going to try and find one to buy after Christmas and New Years and will let you know. What would the part be called I can't find it anywhere in stock
  2. The light doesn't come on during test, I've checked the bulb and it's good. It's connected to a board of sorts and there is no corrosion. I'm at a loss
  3. So this is a wierd one, I've looked and looked on the Internet and can't figure it out. My jeep wrangler runs and drives just fine but there is no cel on start up. I know there should be code because I have no 02 sensors hooked up. I want to know if there is more though. Any help would be appreciated
  4. Found the issue, it was a faulty ISA motor. the gears inside were shredded, thank you far all your help it has a better idle then it did at first now thanks to your steps
  5. Moses, i tried both, i cleaned the map too. why would this problem come up when all i touched was the IAC? i had perfect mainifold vacuum before i replaced the IAC, i have checked since and no surging when i spray starter fluid on and around the vacuum lines. Sinisterwillys1940, it does make a little difference but i think that is because it puts the engine under stress using the powersteering
  6. im having a similar issue, i just replaced my IAC on my 1990 2.5l yj and now i have i high idle that starts at 2000 and gets up to 2500. There is no sputtering, just runs really high. only thing that i changed was the IAc. Any help would be really appreciated as this is really got me stuck
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