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  1. My son has a 1994 Cherokee Country, 4.0 that starts fine and runs fine, but when you shut it off, it will not restart until it has cooled off. I replaced the ignition coil but the problem did not change. My son has purchased a crankshaft position sensor, but before we install it, I wanted some opinions from other XJ owners who may have experienced the same problem. Once we have installed the crankshaft position sensor, it cannot be returned if it doesn't fix the problem. I am not even sure that not starting when hot is a symptom of a bad crankshaft position sensor. Someone that my son knows suggested it. Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated since we cannot really afford to just randomly replace parts in search of a fix. I have owned many Jeep Wranglers over the years, but never had a problem like this. Thanks.
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