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  1. Hi Moses, I'm back for another update. Today, Sunday, I purchased a complete 4.0L Grand Cherokee engine. This engine also has the TUPY head and is complete, minus the engine harness and ECM. I would like to take advantage of the fuel injection system if I can come across a harness and computer. If not, I will have to put the carb intake just to make the trip in November. That LS article is great. I actually have an L96 engine on a stand that might make its way into the Jeep once I am done with law school and the BAR exam. I was saving it to drop it into my 1974 Corvette, but I just
  2. Thank you very much for the warm welcome. It is great to hear that you have been a part of the muscle car scene as well. I will definitely start a new topic on the build with lots of photos. California still requires emissions inspections on '76 and newer vehicles. I am planning on doing the smog using the OEM BBD carb, as Weber doesn't have a California E.O. number for their carbs. I did manage to get the head off this morning. The engine on that Jeep ('04 Grand Cherokee) looked like it was cared for pretty well. I kind of wish I would have just pulled the entire engine out, but I had t
  3. I have been looking at the required modifications for the swap and it doesn't look too difficult to do. Thank you for reminding me about getting the exhaust manifold. I would have definitely forgot all about it. I'm hoping to be able to go back tomorrow morning. I have read the instructions for the Weber carb and the need for a fuel pressure regulator. I still have to get that. I have looked into Rough Country's reverse shackle kit. It is a bolt on kit that requires some drilling to the frame for the front brackets, but definitely something I can handle. I am going to give them a call tomorrow
  4. Another question for you Moses. I am going to be installing a four inch Rough Country lift on the Jeep and was looking for heavy duty shackles. It seems like all of the "heavy duty" shackles are lift shackles. 1/2in. lift shackles are the smallest I can find. What is your recommendation for shackles?
  5. Moses, Thank you so much for your feedback. My local Pick-n-Pull just got as '04 Grand Cherokee, and I was there trying to pull the head, but ran out of time. It is a TUPY head, so I am hoping to go back tomorrow and pull the head from that engine. I took an impact to get the head bolts out, but I was not able to get the rear bolts out. I forgot to take my breaker bar with me because I was rushing before they closed, and that screwed everything up. That engine looked good: coolant in the block, pretty clean valvetrain, and looks like it passed California emissions just last year (did som
  6. Hello everybody, My name is Jordan, and I am new to the Jeep world. Although I am new to Jeeps, I have been wrenching on old and new muscle cars. I purchased my first Jeep, an '82 CJ7, a few weeks ago. I am hoping to be able to do a little off-roading and enjoy the Jeep with the family. The engine starts and everything, but I didn't drive it home and had it towed. Unfortunately, I performed a compression test and the results were not good at all. Two cylinders came back with low compression, and one was dead. I performed a wet test on the dead cylinder and the needle jumped right up.
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