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jk8 pick up

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hi moses just purchased a 2013 jk unlimited sport thats had the jk8 pick up conversion done by the dealer its only got 10000kms on the clock (6000miles) 2"lift, aev front bar, mopar winch,2.8 diesel 6 spd manual drives really nice ill keep you updated as i get some use out of it

heres a few dealer pics ill post some of my own when i get it home

cheers  ian

$_20 (3).JPG

$_20 (4).JPG

$_20 (5).JPG

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I like it, Ian!  What prompted this move versus the J10 project?  Later technology?

The diesel is a real asset...This will likely show up in the next generation Wrangler.  Consumers have been wanting a diesel in the U.S. for years...You're ahead of the curve!


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things didnt go to plan after 8 weeks of the dealer not being able to deliver the vehicle & telling me a different story everytime i rang them i told them to keep it & got my deposit back i was being patient but it got beyond a joke so i might just wait for the jl to come out its supposed be released as a pick up if not ill probably get a colorado ill just wait & see the old cj 10 will do me in the meantime

cheers  ian

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