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Rausch Creek Off-Road Park

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This is yet another one i found in the midst of getting lost last weekend. Its on Molleytown rd, in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, about an hour or so drive from Philadelphia, Harrisburg, or Lancaster, and at most a couple hours from the Maryland and New Jersey boarders. Because we were on a limited schedule, i didnt get much of a chance to check it out while i was there, but, i did find their website, http://rc4x4.org/, which has their full schedule. It looks like this place is open most weekends for events and general off roading year round, as they have an event weekend the weekend before, and the weekend after christmas. There schedule is listed towards the bottom of their home page, which also shows videos of some of their events. They also list fees under the information tab, and have an FAQ section, as well as list office and owner/director phone numbers and email addresses.

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On the radar screen...I've not been there, the name of the park comes up often in hardcore wheeling circles from the East Coast.  Thanks much for sharing and opening this topic, Biggman100.  Feedback from users of the park is certainly welcome!



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