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1990 Trooper engine change


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   Well,here I go again...1990 Trooper,2.6L 4 cylinder,4X4,5 speed manual trans.,VERY nice condition over all,EXCEPT the engine is toast. (I'm told by the owner it had an electrolysis problem,blew a head gasket,was rebuilt but the rebuilder didn't check for warpage,it leaked,overheated and warped the head AND block.) He says the 2.6 or 2.8 engines will be a bolt in,even earlier ones if I use the intake/exhaust,distributor etc. off the later engine,and the V-6 engines offered starting in '92 are "an easy swap". (How many times have I heard THAT and learned otherwise?.....)

   So far I'm having a rough time finding anything that A-is a runner,or B-is remotely affordable. One good 4 cylinder for $900,One good V-6,$1,200.

I'm only into it about $50.00 for the gas to bring it home,so I could PROBABLY go for the Four cylinder,but I'm looking to do this as cheap as possible,as a DD while I build a couple of Yota trucks.

Here's the bombshell-is there ANY kind of a workable engine conversion other than the Isuzu family?

   Another day in Paradise...


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Missed this post, Speed...Which transmission does the Trooper use?  If an AX-5 or AX--15 Aisin, there would be a way to go with Advance Adapters' Jeep adapters.  They mate the AX-5 or AX-15 to a variety of swap engines. 

The G.M. 4.3L V-6 would be a prospect if it fits the bay.  That's a 90-degree V-6.  If you must use a 60-degree V-6, you would be better off with a RWD version of the G.M. 3.4L V-6.  This is the evolved 2.8L/173 V-6 and a better engine.  If 90-degree "V" engines fit, there's also the prospect of the RWD Buick 3.8L V-6, late 1977/1978-up is the improved even-fire design with separate rod throws for each cylinder...

The Trooper is a tough vehicle.  Well-engineered, lots of stout components.  You have something worth building.  And for $50?  Seriously, this one's a winner.


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