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BRAKES,or lack of...

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Here's my LATEST challenge. The Yota has no brakes. They've acted "peculiar" since I got this rolling wreck,but NOW they're just flatlined.I've installed new calipers,brake pads,and master cylinder a few months ago,I knew at that time the rear brakes were fubarred due to leaky axle seals-they worked fine around town,but after 20 miles of highway,the rear brakes would drag the truck down to a stop. Bleed a brake line of some fluid at the master cylinder and it was good to go for a few more miles. I adjusted the shoes as loose as they'd go,and shortened the master cylinder push-rod as short as it could go,THEN the brakes worked FINE for almost a year. Then I started losing fluid,but could find NO leaks. Simple,right? Master cylinder leaking into the booster. If it is,it's going straight through the vacuum hose,into the engine's cylinders. But usually I can smell burning brake fluid in the exhaust,but not here. If fluid is pooling in the booster,there's likely over a gallon in there by now.

   I'm thinking I'll gather new everything and go through the brakes (and rear axle seals) from one end to the other. Without replacing brake lines,I can get everything else I need for around $100.00,not sure about brake lines. That part of the job could be costly,metric lines and all.

   Thought about putting the big GMC back on the road,but it'd cost me around $70.00 to transfer plates and insurance.


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Speed...Sounds logical on the master cylinder bypassing and leaking into the booster.  No visible leaks?  Where else could it go?  At the magazine, I did a lengthy series on forming and flaring brake tubing.  If you plan to build from scratch, you'll find that insight useful:  http://www.4wdmechanix.com/video-series-how-to-flare-automotive-brake-tube-fuel-lines-and-cooler-tubing/


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