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This topic is a fork off of my misfire diagnosis thread. I will be editing for easier reading and explaining all the various accesses we have for our DRB III era vehicles. In my opinion that proprietary tool is the biggest burden to a Jeep hobbyist.

If anyone has any specific diagnostic tool requests, please post and I will go into depth about it! 

There are amazing tools available to GM guys and for that reason, many of us are wishing for a GM transplant. 


Aside from displaying misfire counts on a per cylinder basis, the smart phone apps along with a bluetooth OBDII transmitter will cover that vast majority of needs by anyone troubleshooting problems. The limitation in my case is the simple fact that I want to check if there is an occasional misfire at all times (idle or under load, normal driving, etc). As far as monitoring fuel trim and o2 sensor data, the app based setups are spot on. The minor issue there is the delay in update speed, although very slight it will sometimes show your o2 sensor staying high for 2-3 cycles then low for 2-3 cycles. As long as you understand the delay, you can account for that.

WiTech/DRB from China

There are Chinese knock off VCI pods that DO work with the DRB III emulator. I haven`t pulled the trigger yet, simply because it is using pirated software. If I don`t find a DRB III in the $1500 or less range, I will order the Chinese part and write up a full review of how to use it without pirated software (if possible) using the DRB III download from Controller Tech http://www.controllertech.com/drb-iii-emulator.html

You do get WiTech with the Chinese systems and it is supported up until 2015 or so I believe. They give you the install CD then ask you not to go online, where the WiTech software would phone home and then disable itself. There are two styles - one is the VCI pod style that is corded and a separate unit, then there is the Micropod style that plugs directly into the OBD II space much like any normal bluetooth scan tool would.

Starscan: I have talked with this seller on ebay in the past, and he says his system has a good working DRB III emulator built in. You might try contacting him to see if he offers an upgrade service. He seems to buy these devices, upgrades them, then resells them. He assured me that you will never have to subscribe to any service or do any future upgrades once it is ready to go. The only situation you may need to upgrade in the future, is if you change vehicles and want to support something new. In my opinion, having a starscan or drb iii that supports the generation of vehicles I have is good enough. http://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge-Sprinter-Starscan-Star-Scan-Dealer-Tool-DRB-3-/132197792408

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carlosa...Thanks much for your input on scan tools.  This is a topic of interest for many...I am very interested in the StarScan upgrade you describe with the prospect of making my tool useful for the two DRB-III Era vehicles in our stable.  They are each OBD-II, and most of what comes my way for diagnostics is either OBD-II or OBD.

Your input is very helpful...!


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