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  1. Hi Moses, Random misfire issue may be solved Sorry for my long absence, i`ve been very busy with work and parked the Jeep for the summer - I ran out of time to tinker with it and was afraid I might be hurting it even more. Your quoted post above had me thinking for a long time about the quality of the CPS. I had a premium Napa sensor in the Jeep after I pulled the transmission and fixed the flywheel bolts. This video came up recently, so I added it to my offline viewing list and watched it during an international flight. When I landed I deci
  2. Injector balance test results are in. For those not familiar: An injector balance test basically fires an injector a timed, specific number of times. You can then fire each injector and compare the results. Results are driven by the "leak down" PSI on the fuel rail. Each time you fire one, you re-prime the fuel rail and blow out unburned fuel, by cranking the engine. Ignition coil is unplugged during this scenario. The fuel rail was pressurized to basically 45 PSI by cranking a few revolutions using a hand crank button that links the battery to the starter solenoid. The pulser was
  3. That is amazing, i`d love to find out exactly what it is inside the computer that fails. There arent any moving parts, so maybe a resister or continuity issue? Or a corrupted database table?
  4. I have not eliminated the PCM at all. My approach is to test and eliminate the least invasive or easy access items, before moving on to more invasive or less easy to test items. So for example - the vacuum leak that you mentioned a few times is still high on my list, but I want to avoid tearing into that engine that far until I have eliminated everything else. The computer very well could be suspect. My auto enginuity won`t even connect to it. I have a solution for that as well that I will work on eventually. The situations where a PCM fails and needs to be replaced are very interesting t
  5. Alright here is another little update with photos. I have tested various things over the past week, but haven`t had as much time to really work on it. That and i`m waiting on more tools to arrive to be able to test other things. I did a traditional compression test. Cylinders were from 148 to 160 PSI. Most were basically right in the middle at around 155. I pulled the injectors. Observed small amounts of rust inside the fuel rail, found one cracked injector - nothing leaking on the outside. Ordered new baskets. I pulled the one basket from the cracked injector and it was qui
  6. So i`m not going to call this a resolution, but you got me thinking about that IAC. That is a hard device to bench test. I swapped in my throttle body from a 2001 XJ wholesale, with all sensors and everything and got this at idle (see attached image). I also beat on it a bit on the free way at all rpm ranges and could not get a flashing light. Idle is also very smooth. I have two concerns with calling this done: #1 - I reset the computer again for relearn. I may need to get several more trips in before I can really write it off as solved. The Jeep did run a little bit
  7. EDIT: Moses, you are going to end up being totally right about this being an air or vacuum leak. I tried again with the wd-40 today on a warm engine and could not manipulate the idle. So a tear down and inspection of the gasket and manifold will be in order. Remember that I also drove with all vacuum lines capped off at the intake. So i`ll pull the intake and exhaust manifold, check for cracks, and replace all gaskets next. The reason for this is .. I just hooked up the fuel gauge and see no real issues either at idle or at 2500 RPM. Pics attached. Thanks for all of this info. Its
  8. Thank you for the detailed response. I have to say i`m very happy to hear from you. I have your Jeep book, and also have read many articles written by you for various magazines since the mid 90's. Rather than reply again inline, i`ll just address some of the points that are most pertinent to the current state of affairs. That may also make it easy to follow for others encountering this issue. DRB III Yes, quite expensive used on ebay - anywhere from $1200-2000. I consider it a necessary investment if I am going to have this Jeep for many years to come. There
  9. 2000 Jeep Wrangler TJ 32RH 170k Miles I bought this last fall with intentions of making it my forever Jeep since it replaces an identical one I had back when they were new. It had its engine replaced by a sketchy shop. I have been fixing things ever since. Some of the things I have fixed will be listed at the end of this post. In the interest of thoroughly understanding why this is happening and learning as much as possible, i`d like to keep this limited to diagnostics, testing, and troubleshooting rather than buying parts and bolting them on. I am well versed with the FSM,
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