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I have some questions. I am going to register the 1973 I-H 1210 2WD pickup truck in Norway. I have the certificate of title. I need all the data about the vehicle.  In Norway we name it  a "wagoncard".  Don`t know what you call it in U.S. but in contains all dimensions,weight,engine power etc. Could you help me with this information?  My vin is 1H3H2C00CHB10502.


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Thomas...I would suggest that you explain the LST to the register.  You can break down each of the components.  Curb weight, dimensions and such are available in marketing and service statistics from that era.  Also available at the link I share below for the Wisconsin History Organization.

Also, the first digits and letters in your VIN are significant.  They describe the equipment on your truck.  Here is a site that might be helpful for breaking down the VIN:


Here is a source for factory service manual(s) that I believe would best serve your needs.  Considering the depth of work and interest you have in the 1210 truck, this book set would pay for itself over time.  I do not know the vendor, but you can explore this source:

https://www.binderbooks.com/1964-75 Light Duty.htm

The book set is described as 1748 pages and is the I-H factory service manual for your truck that usually contains the dimensions, weight and other details for each model.  The $106.95 (U.S.) sale price seems worth it for the service details alone.  If I were restoring and keeping an I-H pickup of this period, I would buy this book set (either new/reprint or used).  It is first generation data and service details from International Harvester:

CTS-2303     1972-1975 International Service Manual for IH Pickups & Travelalls, 2 volumes (1748 pgs) List $116.95 SALE $106.95

Here is a source for data on your specific truck model.  Click on the 1973 section for 1210 pickup at the right column, you will get the image, text and data sheet.  GVWR is listed, you may need to weigh your truck for actual curb weight:




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