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Broken thermostat housing bolt

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Getting my van ready for a summer trip and found a broken thermostat housing bolt.  Drill and easy out ? Or have they invented an easier way?

Unfortunately its broken in side the aluminum manifold were I can not reach to turn it  with vice grips.

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Alcatraz...This would be time for drills and an easy out.  Be smack on center with the first/smaller drill bit.  Use successively larger drill bits with grease on each one to help prevent filings from dropping into the cooling system if you're drilling all the way through.  Leave just enough margin so that the easy out will not chew up the aluminum threads.

If the corrosion extends into the threads, there are a couple of repairs, the best though more costly method is use of Time-Sert® inserts, stainless steel in this case.  Then there's the common Heli-Coil fix that might be good enough to hold a thermostat housing in place...I just did a video on a Time-Sert® repair/upgrade of aluminum threads; a review of that video may prove useful: http://www.4wdmechanix.com/how-to-time-sert-aluminum-thread-repair-and-upgrade/.


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