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  1. Thanks Moses. I was hoping for something easier but have started the radiator removal for more space, easier access,
  2. Getting my van ready for a summer trip and found a broken thermostat housing bolt. Drill and easy out ? Or have they invented an easier way? Unfortunately its broken in side the aluminum manifold were I can not reach to turn it with vice grips.
  3. Thank you for answering me. Update: I actually went ahead and drained the torque converter before I checked back here. It did have a drain plug and it was an easy task to drain it. I also changed the filter and everything is working fine now. I was concerned with so many miles and it being used for long trips that it was on its last shift. Thanks once more for your input .
  4. Forgot to mentiion I have no problem with reverse it goes in and shifts just fine.
  5. Hi Moses, I have the same exact problem, same year and everything. except mines got 197,000 miles. 5.8 engine. Shifts perfect through all gears, it just started doing exactly what was described above. I pulled the pan and the magnet has some dark shavings attacthed to it. Also found a few slivers of aluminum . Does the E4OD have a torque converter drain plug? Transmission oil does not smell burn, but it had like a dark oil greasy substance in the bottom of the pan. Should I just replace the fluid and filter or get another tranny? I use this mainly for camping o
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