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Aluminum threads are common and vulnerable to damage. On the magazine's XR650R motorcycle, we upgrade aluminum threads with Time-Sert® thread repairs. Here is the step-by-step Time-Sert® repair and improvement of the engine's outer crankcase/oil filter cover bolt threads. 

My first exposure to a Time-Sert® repair was a cast iron engine block with pulled main cap threads.  A hefty carbon steel insert was the fix!  Imagine fixing the axle housing bearing cap threads on a Grand Cherokee's Dana 44 aluminum case rear axle—or a damaged transfer case. Or spark plug threads on a Ford Triton engine, or any other engine, without removing the cylinder head.  See the Time-Sert® website for the wide variety of applications possible: Time-Sert® official website

Use the example in the video for your thread needs. In my independent and unpaid testing, I believe Time-Sert® offers the best permanent thread repair and upgrade for aluminum threads. 

Sometimes more costly than other solutions on the front end, Time-Sert® is more than just a thread repair!  Watch the video to see why I step up and use this tooling and thread solution.  Here's the article with video at the magazine:  http://www.4wdmechanix.com/how-to-time-sert-aluminum-thread-repair-and-upgrade/.

Here is the Honda XR650R aluminum spark plug thread repair:  http://www.4wdmechanix.com/HD-Video-How-to-Time-Sert-Repair-for-Damaged-Spark-Plug-Threads?r=1

Here are the Honda XR650R swing arm adjuster thread repairs that finish up like Honda should have made these threads in the first place:  http://www.4wdmechanix.com/moses-ludels-4wd-mechanix-magazine-how-to-dirt-motorcycle-final-drive-chain-and-sprockets-replacement/

Eventually, all of the vulnerable aluminum threads on the Honda XR650R will be stainless steel or copper-clad steel Time-Sert® inserts!


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Alcatraz...Heli-Coil is popular, I used them for years, my first recollection was an aluminum TransDapt bellhousing from J.C. Whitney.  An aluminum thread was "soft" out of the box, and Heli-Coil was the fix for the time.  

In 2007, I came to know Time-Sert® from an automotive machinist at Nevada who was fixing a high performance muscle car big-block that had pulled main bearing cap bolt threads.  This is usually the end of the road for a cast iron or aluminum block, but the engine was too rare and had lots of machine work already in place.  

The Time-Sert® was carbon steel and much stronger than the OE cast block material.  The fit was snug, looked great and was permanent, which Heli-Coil is often not, especially for aluminum.  I was amazed and later contacted Time-Sert® when I purchased the magazine's Honda XR650R motorcycle used, and it had "soft" wobbly spark plug threads...Time-Sert® to the rescue!  

Ford Triton engines are notorious for spark plug thread issues.  A simple spark plug change can evolve into replacement of the cylinder heads—but not with an over the fender Time-Sert® repair designed specifically for this task!  Perhaps Time-Sert steel inserts are what Ford should have done during the construction of the Triton aluminum cylinder heads...Same yardstick applies to other engines, but the Triton spark plug configuration is especially poor.


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