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If you have a forum hangout for your FJ or DJ Land Cruiser model or FJ Cruiser and Sequoia, that's great!  If, however, you're looking for a place to get additional, researched details, troubleshooting tips or restoration facts, consider joining this forum and bookmarking it! 


When I wrote the Toyota Truck & Land Cruiser Owner's Bible in the 'nineties, Toyota provided service material and data that still fills a full shelf of my bookcases.  Yes, I'm a Land Cruiser guy, as many know already, and I still recognize an F, 2F or 3F engine's pitch from a mile away on the Rubicon Trail!  I've also combed Moab in an FJ Cruiser, so there's a long span to my Toyota experience...


I'd like to know what's new with your vintage FJ40, 45 60 or 80 projects.  Let me know what you think of the FJ Cruiser and Sequoia!  If you do need tech support or how-to, I'm available.  We can get others to participate, too, and build a fresh, sensible Toyota 4x4 community!



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Hemmings Predictions for 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hemmings makes it’s Top 5 predictions for car collectors each year. Read #3 for this year.


#3 “The Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser will become the next Volkswagen 21-Window Samba bus. In the past three years, prices for restored Volkswagen buses have shot through the roof, with the rarest examples consistently realizing six-figure prices at auction. A similar phenomenon is beginning to happen with Toyota FJ40 Land Cruisers; once a rare sight at high-end auctions, their presence has become expected, and prices for well-preserved or meticulously restored examples have risen accordingly. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if an exceptional FJ40 topped $100,000 at auction in 2014.”


Ironically, a 1977 FJ40 crossed the block in Scottsdale 15 days after this prediction for $101,200 at RM Auctions in Scottsdale.


- See more at: http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2014/01/02/five-car-hobby-predictions-for-the-coming-year/#sthash.hPncnqxf.dpuf

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Overton, this is phenomenal news! 


I built two FJ40 Land Cruiser projects, the first an early '70s F-engine model, the second a '78 that was originally 2F powered.  These were the first Land Cruiser builds at OFF-ROAD Magazine (circa late 'eighties and mid-'nineties, respectively)


Members and guests may recall these two projects, each was heavily represented in my Toyota Truck & Land Cruiser Owner's Bible (Bentley Publishers).  In my experience, the FJ40 represented the premier 4x4 chassis design for a build-up, with an optimal wheelbase, track width, powertrain and axles.  These vehicles seemed unstoppable in the roughest and steepest terrain—even in pure stock form!  The FJ40 recipe for traction was simple: a long, hefty iron inline six-cylinder engine positioned well over the front driving axle.  I am intimately familiar with the F-, 2F and 3F engines, gear trains and axles found in the FJ Land Cruiser models.  If any members have questions, please ask...  


It is satisfying to see the Land Cruiser FJ40 receive this level of recognition.  The current trend is vindication for many Toyota FJ 4WD owners.  Land Cruiser OE parts were considerably more expensive than Jeep, Scout, Bronco and other domestic 4x4s in the day.  (I stopped building Land Cruiser magazine projects when off-road enthusiasts balked at the cost of building and maintaining a Land Cruiser.)  Now, as you share, Overton, FJ40 restorers can realize a great return on their investment!


Whether you use your FJ40 on the Rubicon Trail, where I first shared that trail with an FJ40 Land Cruiser in the summer of 1967, or have recently begun collecting Toyota FJ40 4WDs with a meticulous restoration and high-end auction in your sights, the forum members would like to hear about it! 


Looking forward to your posts and great photos, Overton.  Check out the 'Garage' Photo Gallery here at these forums, and please share these terrific 4x4s with members and guests!


Welcome to the forums...



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