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Looked over the papers for my car that i imported from Belgium. The car was bought at an auction i us in 2015.  In the papers it is a fault in the vin code. the wrong vin is  1H3H2C0CHB10502  the right is  1H3H2C00CHB10502 . The right vin have i checked many places  , but since it has not 17 digits i can`t track it. Us license plate number is 28-3973 state maybe az. Someone that could help me?



ih salgsmelding.pdf

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Thomas...There should be a VIN tag on the dashboard, riveted in place at the driver's side near the windshield.  This will have the complete VIN number.  So will the tag on the driver's door or door frame.  Compare this with the LST number on your copy of the LST that came with the vehicle.

Are you trying to get a vehicle title from the U.S. state that issued it?  If you're trying to register the vehicle locally at your country, the official office should be willing to correct the minor error when they issue a title.  The most accurate VIN should be on the dash tag, door tag and the stamped frame numbers.  Stamped frame numbers should match the last five digits of your VIN.

There is a guideline for the early and late production 1973 type IHC VIN numbers courtesy of OldIHC.org.  You will find that information at https://oldihc.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/ih-serial-numbers-2/.  See if the information is accurate for your vehicle.

I am curious whether the I.D. at the dash and door tags matches the LST number.  You can also check and compare the stamped number on the frame, which should match the VIN on the dash tag and door/sill tag.


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