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I need to purchase a rooftop cargo carrier (for luggage) for our '06 Jeep Liberty.  I was going to purchase one of the cargo bags that have good consumer reviews, but ran across a deal on an X-Cargo Sport 20 for sale.  I hesitate, though, because this carrier is nearly as long as the roof as the Libby.


Looking for some guidance on choosing a bag or carrier that is appropriately sized for the vehicle, and even how important that aspect is.  Any advice appreciated.

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Hi, Belvedere!  $199, you can't go wrong...If this attaches readily to the factory roof points, go for it.

My concerns are always proper fit and no need to drill holes in body sheet metal.  The other concern with a Liberty is height.  We owned an '02, and I remember the higher center of gravity feel and crosswinds.  At least consider the side wind effect with a carrier on top.  

This carrier "looks" aerodynamic.  If it is, that helps a lot.  Fuel efficiency will suffer otherwise.  Others need to jump in here with their experiences!


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Thanks for the reply!  The carrier I found is for sale by a private party (I just linked the Sears page to show pics/details of this model).  It has never been used, and he is including new crossbars for the roof rack, all for $100.  It is some distance from home, so I have not seen it personally, just the pics he sent me.  I would have jumped on it sooner if it had been a bit smaller, but am hesitating because of the size. 


Like you said, more input from someone who has used a similar carrier would be great!

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