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URGENT 2/11/2016 to 2/13/2016 H.F. SALE

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I hope people are looking in this area of the forum. There is a Harbor Freight Tool Sale going on this weekend. See dates in Title. The 90 Amp flux core wire welder is now $81.84 with normal shipping of $6.99 the total would be $88.83. The 1000 lb motorcycle lift is also on sale at $299.99. The 1/2 inch electric Air Wrench is $38.00. I know these are decent deals, so get them if you need them now. Moses can tell you how good the motorcycle lift is.

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Pay dirt, BadDriver4x4...I get the HF flyers and have this sale on the radar screen.  I bought my $299.99 motorcycle lift at such a sale, it's been a major addition to the motorcycle end of my shop.  

Note: I also bought the better vertical beam motorcycle front chock and fitted it the the lift, the original front wheel clamp is virtually useless.  The HF upright beam parking chock makes all the difference, especially for tying the cycle down as a one-person operation...I also installed strong hook eyes for my four tie-down straps.  If anyone wants to see these add-ons, I'll detail. HF steel products can often be an excellent "place to start"!

Again, as we've shared, watch for the leading brand items within the Harbor Freight lines:  Chicago Electric, Pittsburgh Pro, the Pittsburgh 6-ton stands, the better stuff.  You really like this 90 amp flux-core welder and have personal experience with it.  It looks optimal for sheet metal/body work and lighter gauge welding repairs. 

Thanks for putting out the word to fellow members and guests!


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