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Paintucation Video - Body Shop Basics (Does it qualify?)


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Hi All,

I just got the Kevin Tetz' PAINTucation video, "Body Shop Basics". I wanted to supplement my personal experience and the books I recently bought to see how far from my previous experience things had evolved. I was expecting a short course in what you need to do body work, The tools, the proper use and tips to do the job right. Well, I guess you could say I got what I wanted, if I was looking to repair a small dent and repaint the repair.

I was disappointed with the minimal exposure to the tools and techniques of actual body work. This is not what I expected from a video about the Basic Body Shop. I was expecting at least some talk about hand tools, air tools, power tools and their place in a body shop. A good review of your compressor and the needs that any size shop could expect to need, or a comparison of inexpensive equipment versus top of the line tools. There was some talk of equipment, but the quick examination of air compressor needs and the quick visual of a frame straightening platform kinda give you an idea of the broad brush with which this video was made. It was informative if you only experience the need to use a stud welder, sanders, and paint sprayers. Yes, there are some skills presented, but since I have almost the complete series of Bug Me videos to compare this video to, I find them more informational about the topic of the video in the series as described, and you get closer to step by step procedures.

"Body Shop Basics" should give you an idea of what you need, and how to plan out your shop, be it big or small, but it fails to really impress upon the viewer what can be done with simple methods and as few tools as needed. My personal opinion of Kevin Tetz is that he is skilled but somewhat of a show-off. I hope he will have learned more humility in some of the other videos. I don't remember who it was, but there was a master body worker that has clips on Youtube that used to produce his own videos. It seems as though he went out of business as his website is gone. That's too bad, I learned more in 15 min. of his videos than I did in the 1 1/2 hours in "Body Shop Basics"



I give "Body Shop Basics" 3 Stars out of 5. Mostly for the production value and the knowledgeability of the host. There are also some funny outtakes at the end of the video.

If you are looking to learn how to set up a shop and use your tools wisely look somewhere else, but if you need to repair a dent or two and make your car look like they were never there then check out this video, you will learn something.

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