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Liberty Error Code from diagnostic tool

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I was only able to pull one code from my Liberty it is a P0175 02 Circuit Low Voltage (Bank 2 Sensor 2) The Haynes manual says: P0175 System too rich (bank 2). What exactly is going on? The check engine light went out for a while today and it has been very cold. I also had a small fuel spill the first time I filled the tank and it seemed odd that there was no overflow catch. Of course the pump should have shut off, but it didn't immediately.

My wife confirmed what I noticed when looking at this Liberty before purchase, it needs new tires pretty badly. The outside look like there's plenty of tread, but the center is very worn and we got some snow today. My experience with 4x4s (Including a 4x4 Subaru Station wagon, our first car after we got married.) is that 4x4s on ice just spin all 4 wheels in totally unpredictable ways if you don't know how to compensate.

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BadDriver4x4...The P0175 does suggest a possible enrichment situation.  This can be fuel related, an injector issue, the need for routine service (air filter, etc.), a cold start/warmup cycle issue, a TPS issue, or a catalytic converter that is not cleaning up.  The catalytic converter is responsible for dropping emissions levels.  The upstream #1 sensor helps control the A/F ratios.  The cat takes emissions excesses and cleans/burns them up.  The #2 sensor readings, downstream of the cat, reflect how effectively the cat is working.

Since the upstream sensor is apparently working right (no codes), your A/F ratios should be correct.  You do not have an injector or TPS code.  The code thrown points to the catalytic converter.  

A dealer selling a vehicle is usually responsible for the emissions levels being correct; this vehicle will not pass a smog test if the thrown code is accurate.  There would be a resulting enriched tailpipe reading.  Again, enriched emissions do not necessarily mean a rich fuel mixture but could indicate that the catalytic converter is not cleaning up the emissions thoroughly enough.


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