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Hi all, my name is Jack, and I'm fairly new to owning a 4x4 but my brother and I have gone many times.
I have been looking to get one for some time, so today I took a test drive and have now put a deposit down on a 2010 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon today from Berwick Chrysler Jeep. 
I just wanted to get an idea of anything I should look out for before a final purchase? Is there anything that are known for wearing early? 
I know it comes with a 3 year 150,000km Protection Plan, but I don't want to be stranded out in the sticks somewhere that's all.
Also I was just after some quick tips on places to go around Victoria for some timid off roading, camping and fishing?
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Welcome to the JK forum, Jack!  You'll be pleased with the 2010 Jeep JK Rubicon 2-door 4x4.  This is a very wise edition to get!  You'll have many features that others seek with the non-Rubicon models, including the front and rear locking axles, a Dana 44 at each end, lower (numerically higher) axle gearing and the front axle disconnect unit.  This will save a bundle in the long scheme!


Buying a pre-owned 4x4 raises a singular concern:  the vehicle's history.  This includes how it was driven, where it went, maintenance and whether there were any modifications made that could be trouble later.  The vehicle looks fairly "stock", and that's a big plus!  The snorkel intake, front bumper with winch and armor look good, these are common upgrades and desirable.  If the vehicle is exempt from damage, signs of abuse or forays at deep water fording, with the aftermarket warranty you have a good start here.  The warranty requires following close service schedules and maintaining records, whether you do your own work or sublet to a shop.  Keep receipts. 


As for "weak areas", the 3.8L V-6 engine does a valiant job in this somewhat weighty vehicle.  Some consider it overworked, but you have a 2-door model, which means less overall weight and load on the engine.  Both the automatic and manual transmissions are durable.  The automatic 42RLE even provides the unique option of a Rubicrawler retrofit from Advance Adapters in the future!


Enjoy the Jeep...I like to fly fish, camp and off-road, many of us do, so let's share stories at the travel forum on this site!  There's lots of four-wheeling coverage at the magazine site, too...



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