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  1. Plastidip rocks. It's affordable and long lasting.
  2. Cross Country Move Ahead

    Nice to hear that you made it.
  3. Would love to try it soon. Thanks for the input.
  4. Welding Setups

    I guess I'll start with small projects for now.
  5. Cross Country Move Ahead

    Good luck on your move. I hope you get throught without any glitch.
  6. Good luck on your jeep project!
  7. New to Jeep and the Forum!

    Are you from the US too? I hope you finally got your jeep.
  8. Welding Setups

    Your work space looks great. Too bad haven't had the time doing DIY modifications on my jeep yet. I'm too scared to mess up anything.
  9. Hi! I haven't tried off-roading in that trail yet, Was it difficult? What is the terrain?