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Three Cheers for Professional Technicians—Alias "Mechanics"!

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I joined the LinkedIn professional group for the motorcycle/powersports industry and have been following the comments with interest.  In a current topic, the subject of dealership technician retention in the powersports industry came up.  I couldn't resist responding...Having taught adult education level Automotive/Diesel Technology and Welding, I know several reasons why today's technicians defect from these automotive and powersports shop roles.


My response centered on the value that society places on professional wrenching.  In the course of a career that now spans 47 years, I've worked for pay as a light- and medium-duty truck fleet mechanic, a powersports tech and independent motorcycle repair shop owner, an automotive/truck dealership line mechanic, a classic car mechanical restoration specialist and shop owner, plus work as a heavy equipment operator.  I know what it takes to call yourself "professional" in each of these fields


Though I could have discussed the many challenges and frustrations inherent to this work, enough to cause some to leave these trades, I stuck with the bigger issue:  What kind of societal support and valuing do professionals get in these lines of work?  See the discussion, it's ongoing:


LinkedIn Discussion on Powersports Tech Retention.pdf



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