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Correct Transmission Lube for NV3550 (2001 XJ 5-speed)

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I've searched, and don't see any discussion of this topic on the board. The owner's manual calls for a Mopar product #4874464, which is expensive, and when I went to a Dodge dealer to procure, the tech tried to sell me a different product which he said was "equivalent". There was a great discussion about transmission fluid for the pre-2000 XJ transmission AX-15, which seemed to come to rest on substituting either Redline MTL (or MT90) or AMSOIL Synthetic for the Mopar-recommended substitute. What thinks you all about the NV3550? I'm inclined toward Redline MT90 unless someone wants to persuade me otherwise (my 2001 XJ has 306,000!). 

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stevecherokee, welcome to the forums! 


With 306K miles on the XJ's OE transmission, if this has the original Mopar/NV lube still in it, the cost of Mopar oil would seem negligible.  The NV3550 can be as touchy as the AX15 in terms of synchronizer fussiness and finding the "perfect" oil.  Redline may have recommendations, and that's an option.  Also, GM used the 3500 transmission in S-trucks and light pickup powertrains.  There is a GM lube, I used it in a Sonoma Z71 4x4 pickup with an NV3500.  You might price compare the GM versus Mopar oil.


Everyone can benefit from a lubricant company's viewpoint.  I researched and found the Valvoline oil catalog for manual transmission lubes and oils.  Take the time to review the listings.  (Jeep is listed under "Jeep" not Chrysler.) 


First, stevecherokee is correct with the Mopar recommended lube (#4874464), and according to Mopar, there is no substitute.  According to Valvoline, there is: 


Valvoline Transmission Lube Catalog.pdf


Straight from Valvoline, a supplier to many OEMs:


General Motors & Chrysler: Valvoline Synchromesh Manual Transmission Fluid


• High performance manual transmission lubricant designed to meet the extreme demands of passenger car manual transmission gearbox applications

• Enhanced performance in both low and high temperature operating conditions

• Excellent wear protection under high loads and extreme pressure

• Resistance to oxidation and remains stable under extreme pressures

• Exceptional anti-foam performance for added protection


Recommended for General Motors and Chrysler vehicles including GM part numbers 12345349, 12377916 and 12345577 as well as Chrysler part number 4874464


Valvoline Lube Part Number: 811095


It's easy to get lost in this maze.  I cut through to a source that private labels for OEs.  You may prefer Amsoil or Redline, and if there is an assurance that the synchros will work with their lubes, go for it.  For me, the cost effective first choice would likely be Valvoline #811095 lube.  Price it!








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