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  1. Trying to perform the repair described in TSB #24-12-99, which concerns replacement of the panel/demist door actuator for the heating/cooling vacuum system, I can't figure out how to gain sufficient access to the area directly above the gas pedal (more or less) where these actuators are located. After removing the kick panel there remains a heavy metal barrier which prevents my getting more than a couple fingers up into the cavity where the three door actuators controlled by the selector switch reside. I have a 2001 Jeep XJ with manual transmission. Any advice? The TSB calls that a 10-15 minut
  2. I have both a 2001 and 1999 XJ (4DR, manual, 4.0L engine). The rocker panels on the driver's side of both cars are rusted through--common problem, I think--and I'm plotting a repair. It's not something I can do myself (don't know how to weld), and I'm willing to spend some money to get this done right. I see a wide variety of 3rd-party solutions to this problem, and wonder what the readers of this board might recommend who've actually done it. Thanks.
  3. I've searched, and don't see any discussion of this topic on the board. The owner's manual calls for a Mopar product #4874464, which is expensive, and when I went to a Dodge dealer to procure, the tech tried to sell me a different product which he said was "equivalent". There was a great discussion about transmission fluid for the pre-2000 XJ transmission AX-15, which seemed to come to rest on substituting either Redline MTL (or MT90) or AMSOIL Synthetic for the Mopar-recommended substitute. What thinks you all about the NV3550? I'm inclined toward Redline MT90 unless someone wants to persuade
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