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Just wanted to say hello and give a quick introduction.  My name is Jeff and I'm from SD.  I have an '82 Ramcharger and a '98 XJ (currently laid up with a broken #6 piston), both 4x4s.  (Also, my wife has an '06 Liberty 4x4.)  I'm a die-hard Mopar nut and am really more into older cars, but do enjoy 4x4s as well (just don't have as much experience with them).  I do most of my own wrenching.  Looks like a nice site here...looking forward to learning, and maybe even contributing on occasion.

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Thanks for the intro, Jeff!  "Belvedere" does say "Mopar" in a big way, this is a classic Plymouth moniker.  I know the vintage and muscle era Mopar vehicles well, we'll have to get that Ramcharger into the Dodge/Ram Truck section here at the forums!  Please jump-start the Ramcharger discussion topics...


We all look forward to your participation...Enjoy the forums, your role is important to us!



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