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Scout ll speedometer drive.

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   I have a 1976 Scout ll and the cable and speedometer seem to be OK. The "drive box" or what ever it is called was hanging on the end of the cable. This is a 4WD, 4 cylinder Scout. I think I need to find a new one, but I also can't see how it is held on to the transfer case. I can't really test it unless it is solidly attached. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I looked on the drive and I see a part number, but the ratio I can't read.  Thanks Brian


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   I just used tie raps to hold the "gear box" to the transfer case. It seems to work. Does anybody know how it attaches to the transfer case? I have driven it enough to see that the speedometer, gear box and cable work. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers Brian

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Hi, Brian T...Below is a photo of a Dana 20 transfer case and the speedometer drive (photo courtesy of an eBay seller):

International Scout Dana 20 Transfer Case Factory OEM Free Shipping | eBay

There's an adapter ("sleeve") that supports the pinion gear inside the transfer case.  The adapter sleeve threads into the output/tail housing (lower portion of photo to the right).  The adapter that threads into the output/tail housing accepts the large coupler nut (shown) that should be part of the gearbox in your photo. 

It looks like the aluminum speedometer gearbox in your photo is missing the coupler nut.  For the speedometer to work as you describe, you have the adapter/sleeve in the output housing and the pinion gear inside the output/tail housing.  The photo below is a Jeep Model 18 adapter sleeve.  One end threads into the output/tail housing, the other end accepts the speedometer cable nut or, in your case, the coupler nut from the aluminum gearbox housing.  The gear inside the transfer case has a stem that runs through the sleeve.

Transfer Case Speedometer 2 Piece Gear Kit Fits 41-71 Jeep & Willys with Dana 18 transfer case

With your arrangement (the aluminum gearbox), you change speedometer ratios with the gears inside the aluminum gearbox.  See if you can find a speedometer gearbox like yours with the coupler nut still attached.  You may need to swap gears inside the gearboxes to get the ratio you want.

Let us know what you find...Post some photos to clarify if necessary.



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