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  I have a 94 F-150 with E4OD and it would not shift.  I could manually shift through the gears and it would do fine.    I replaced the shift solenoid and now it will not engage any gear, forward or reverse.  Please help

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Hunt49...Troubleshooting with a scan tool can narrow down the troubleshooting;  this would be the dealership's first test.  Pressure checks would be next if there is slippage or inability to hold in a gear.

Otherwise, basic checks would be the wiring connectors and the speedometer/VSS issues and interface.  (This has been covered extensively at our forum E4OD exchanges, use "E4OD" in the search box to find more details.)  Another trouble spot is the shift switch where the linkage hooks to the transmission.  Out of adjustment or defective, the switch could cause trouble.  Since you can engage individual gears, this is unlikely.

Unless there is a distinct code, a VSS or wiring/ground issue, I would rebuild the valve body.  A dirty filter can allow debris to pass through, creating a valve body issue.  When the filter clogs, is dirty or has a loose edge, the valve body becomes contaminated.  If you had a very dirty filter, look here.  How much debris was in the pan when you did the solenoid?  Did debris enter the valve body during the solenoid installation?

Review the other E4OD coverage at our forum exchanges.  We have walked through similar problems.  Let us know what you find.



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