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  1. Thank you for the notes on the pcv system. Parts come in late this week and I travel for work until the following week so I won’t have an update for a little while. Will review the CompCams in the meantime. Going ahead and will order the bolts. Thank you for the ARP recommendation. They didn’t have a kit but I was able to find the bolts separately on their site. Well none with the stand up threaded stud but there was only one ground connected to it. (Picture below) I’m sure I can find another place for it so it should be fine going with all regular bolts. However I did run into a possible issue...The bolts are all 1.25 in in thread length. The PO replaced one of bolts with a 2.00 in thread size. Since the overall length is still the same, my initial thought was probably no damage was caused but wanted your thoughts. Are the valve cover bolts reusable or should I replace as well? Im ready to get this back on the road!
  2. Had a bad manifold gasket leak and was planning on just changing that but when I started it seemed like most bolts were pretty loose on the manifold. Changed the gasket and as I was tightening the bolts down I realized that one of the bolts just kept spinning. I’m assuming PO tried to change and stripped the threading. Decided to just change the entire head given autozone had one for $280. PO seemed to have changed a majority of the cooling system(hoses, radiator, thermostat) so I don’t think it was that. Took off the heads but the gasket looks intact. Are you saying there could be a crack in the old head of block that would cause coolant to leak in there. looked like the emulsified oil was coming in there from the direct ccv to air box hose. The new head came in last night. I’m trying to find replacement bolts for it but am having trouble online. I can find a ton of 1/2 inch ones but never any 7/16... Any recommendations? Do you recommend changing the push rods and rocker arms as well?
  3. Perfect! 53002466 is exactly what I was looking for. The rock auto cover seems to be correct. It’s the current cover with the CCV that seems to be incorrect. I’ve attached a photo of it. I did have oil and what seemed to be coolant in my air box so I’ll definitely switch covers in that case.
  4. Moses- You’re knowledge and expertise is extremely appreciated. I’ve read many of your postings and the help I’ve received from them has been priceless. it looks like it’s the 7/16 bolts, verifying that it is indeed an earlier engine if I understood your post correctly. I do have one more question....it looks like my valve cover may not be correct. I’ve been looking through pictures of 2.5 tbi engines and it doesn’t seem like mine is correct. The pcv on in front is on the side, not on top. Is this a newer valve cover? Is it ok to use. i found the plastic valve cover replacement on rock auto and the front pcv but can’t find the taller rear one. Any idea where there’s one or an alternative available? Can I use a ccv instead?
  5. I'm replacing the head on a 1988 wrangler YJ when i noticed a couple odd casting +head numbers. If my research is correct, I have a 88 head (or possibly 84) on a 83 engine block...Is this ok??? What's led me to believe this? Head #s are 3242 893. The 893 matches the Cast # that i looked up when ordering a replacement through Autozone. Though there is also the number 84 written on the block a little further down...making me think it may belong to a 1984 cj7? The engine cast # is 312U07. The other number on the engine block is 3239448. Sources online say this was an engine built on 12/07/1983. Very confused here. Can anyone shed some light? Is this engine ok to use with a tbi? Apologies if that's a dumb question. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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