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  1. I bought this 1997 TJ with 168 thousand miles on it. The trans was slipping pretty badly probably cause it has never been serviced. I can imagine the cost of doing that cause of having to pull the shield. Well I pulled the shield and took down the pan. inside was like mud with friction material on the bottom. I changed the filter and put a bigger pan that hold 2 more qts of fluid and changed the fluid a couple of more times not doing a complete flush. I also adjusted the bands to specs. Now when I start off theres a very short stretch then it shifts to the next gear. I think I have a problem f
  2. I put out a post about changing my power steering pump and wondering how to flush the system. what fluid do I use the ATF+4?
  3. Well my power steering is on its last leg and screaming at me literally to be changed. I ordered a NEW pump and a serp belt and also the puller tool for the pulley. My main concern is to flush the system so I have all new fluid in there. whats the easiest way to go about this?
  4. So your thinking about removing and painting or replacing your fender flares?? DONT!! My L/F fender has some rust on the top so I figure take the fender flare off ..do the body work..and paint her up real nice. Let me tell you..What a BEAR it was getting that flare off. It took me 3hrs. Every bolt has a fastener behind it and every one of the were spinning so I had to get behind them and hold the inside fasteners with a vice grip. After about the fourth one fighting me to the last thread I was lying on the driveway exhausted with my eyes close trying to muster up some more energy..Im 67 so thi
  5. I bought these wheel spacers 1 1/2" and they are hub centric. What worries me is that when I put one on the nuts they give you only go on half way like a 1/2". The 1997 TJ came with steel wheels. Is this why the studs are a little short? Is 1/2" enough with thread lock to be safe even if they are hub centric? Im an older gent so all I do is tool around,no off road or anything. Do you think I should use them? Will the hold up under just normal driving? Anyone come across a problem like this? thx for any input..
  6. So I bought a set of Rampage headlight housings and they look great. The aiming screws were frozen and I couldn't aim the headlights correctly. I took the whole headlight unit out, Used blaster on the screws with no luck. I didn't want to break the screws inside the plastic housing so what I did was I used a heatgun and run it up and down where the screw went into the housing being carefull not to melt the thing. IT WORKED!! The screws turned freely and I was able to adjust the headlights no problem. Im wondering I want to put new screws in but how the heck do I get the screws out of the hous
  7. Thanks so much for your input. I have only owned the Jeep since December. I hit a deer with my caravan and got totaled. I had that since new and had 254 thou on it. As far as the Jeep,it had 168 when I bought it. Got it home and changed the oil. I like Pensoil syn 10/40 with a fram filter. I changed the plugs,wires,cap and rotor. Flushed the cooling system. Did a tranny service changing the oil and filter and I put a new pan on it that holds 2 more qts and it has a drain plug. 2 wks later I drained it again and put fresh oil and 2 wks after that drained it again and put the required oil in.
  8. I have a 1997 Jeep TJ Wrangler 4.0 with 171K miles on the clock. This mechanic at work is making me very nervous telling me that the oil pump on the 4.0L takes a dump between 150 and 200 thou miles and I should be aware of this..Im a worrier and he's got me going now. Anybody have any input on this and what I should do? the engine runs great. When I start it cold it has 50 lbs oil pressure. when its warmed up its 40 while driving and 20 sitting at a light. Sounds normal to me but have any of you had issues with the oil pump? He says when it goes its too late..New motor time..
  9. Your the go to guy Moses..I really appreciate your suggestions. I would like to do the job properly. Ill have to wait till the lines come and then decide which way I want to go. TJ,s coming along nicely. Trans shifts great, after new fuel pump starts every time first shot. New shocks make for a great ride. Im loving it..thx again..Pete
  10. So I did a trans service on my 1997 TJ. Filter new oil etc. I noticed a leak in one of the lines going to the radiator. I bought a kit on ebay. Hosses, lines and hardware, im really not looking forward to messing with the lines on the trans. The leak is further teard the rad along the frame. So my thinking is to cut the lines up to the bad part and put the new lines via brass fittings. That would be so much easier. My delema? I dont know and cant find anywhere the size of the lined so I can buy fittings beforehand. Can anyone help me with this or has anyone ever changed the lines on the trans
  11. So the display light goes off again after a couple of days..This weekend I cleaned all the grounds I could find..Battery ro firewall..Firewall to motor..firewall to hood..cleaned battery teminals..pulled dash apart and even made a now ground strap from behind cluster to radio..and also put electr grease on plugs..NOTHING..I was sitting there so angry I slammed my hand on the face of the radio and the display came on??? Go figure. Mabe it has a mind of its own and figured oh oh this guy is pissed so lets stop messing with him LOL..So anyway for now it works and if it goes out again I would thin
  12. I bought this 1997 TJ a couple of months ago with 168 thou on it and am trying to get it up to snuff. Needed a fuel pump { hard to start } now it starts great. So I figured lets do a trans service. I dropped the pan and just what I suspected it hasn't been serviced in a Looooonnnng time. It had some friction material in pan,the oil was like mud and the magnet looked like a hairy spider.It also slipped from second to third pretty bad. I put a new filter and a deep sump pan that holds two more qts of fluid. I also adjusted the bands. Shifted pretty good but with a slight slip from 2-3rd. I chang
  13. Alright..So I found a broken off ground strap from firewall to motor..repaired that..Took the ground straps off firewall and cleaned them up. I had the whole dash apart and installed a new light switch and disconnected all the harnesses and cleaned them and put that electrical grease on everything. Put it all together and VIOLA!!!! Everything works as it should AND I have my radio display back..Im really happy this is fixed and I thank Mosses for taking the time and helping me out with his advice..THANK YOU MOSES...
  14. Thx for the input Moses. A wiring spec for the radio wiring would really help. The orange wire in the harness for the illumination isnt getting any power and Im afraid to start stripping the thing down to see where it leads to. At first I thought it was the radio so I bought the exact same one on Ebay and same prob. No display. Good thing the guy was gratious enough to give a refund. I noticed a broken ground wire from body to motor im going to fix. Also im going to pull dash off by speedo to see where the other end of the radio ground wire goes. Has to be in the wiring. I have a new light swi
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