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1994 Dakota 5.2L Engine Swap Information

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Moses, i know that this would also fit the post i started for the 1995 Dakota, but i figured i would start this one to help keep the trucks straight. Anyway, i am pondering the idea of swapping the 3.9 in the 1994, for a 5.2. What i am looking for, is part numbers for the PCM, I want to keep the 5 speed in that truck, so what i would need is the PCM part numbers for a 1994 Dakota, 5.2, 5 speed, 4x4, as well as whether the ram, and even the fullsize van, or SUV's from 1992 to 1995 would have the same PCM, just so i know what vehicles to look for one from. I am also looking for fuel mileage numbers for the 3.9 versus the 5.2 (everything i find online never seems to match my vehicles in real world driving). I know that i will need the wiring harness for a 5 spd truck, that also matches the 5.2, but i am also wondering if the interior wiring will have to be replaced or not. After figuring out the prices to rebuild the engine out of my truck, i found a used 5.2 with a 6 month warranty for quite a bit less, so i figure if it is just basically a plug and play swap, and if i wont lose much in the way of fuel mileage, plus have a bit more towing capacity, why not do the swap, but, knowing my luck, something will pop up that i dont expect, and blow my budget.

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Biggman100...Chrysler shows a 1994-95 Single Board Engine Controller (SBEC) PCM Mopar P/N 56028342.  The Mopar Reman P/N is R6028342. 


According to Mopar Reman cataloging, this is for your AN Body (Dakota RWD and 4WD pickup or cab and chassis), the 5.2L MPI, FED, CAL, RFI, with a manual transmission (M/T).  If your wiring and terminal end hookups will accept this PCM and interface with it, the "one size fits many" approach here is helpful.


Compare engine and chassis harnesses between your 3.9L V-6 and the 5.2L V-8 models.  The PCM is one part of the puzzle.



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